Wonderful News..

The trial of the veteran paratroopers A and C has collapsed.

The protection wanted to admit statements from 1972 where the soldiers were asked to write what happened on the night they shot a terrorist….as per the norm. No lawyers, no charge and not formally told it could be used against them. They were never investigated by PSNI and never formally charged, and the Judge has refused to admit these statements as the prosecution tried to dress it up as new evidence.

Nothing more than a witch hunt designed to put the innocent on trial and in jail to appease terrorists, but thankfully justice has prevailed.

Hurrah……well done those two brave veterans who should now be given a full apology by this Government and the Northern Irish Assembly, and the Government should keep its promise and ban these disgraceful show trials.

Time to disband the Historic Investigation Teams as they are no better than a witch finder General. They are a disgrace and they have caused untold pain, misery and the costs…outrageous.

The next step is we should ask for an investigation into this discredited historical team who made themselves judge and jury, and see what secrets fall out of their cupboards.

The lies, smears and false allegations against our former and serving service personnel needs to stop NOW

Really pleased….

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