It seems that common sense and the law of justice has gone out of the window with the trial of former Soldiers A and C in Northern Ireland. This is nothing more than a weak Government giving into terrorists demands. It is bordering on pitiful and disgusting to be honest.

These brave veterans are on trial for actually stopping a terrorist….you know the bad guy. Since when does the bad guy have any rights or a get out of jail free card? Oh yes under Labour….

Here is the list of the terrorist outrages McCann committed (I will not put a picture of that person on here whatsoever) and then tell me that these soldiers did the wrong thing!

Joe McCann’s long IRA Terrorist career in full over just seven years of attacks

1965 – Joins the IRA at the age of 17

Dec 3, 1965 – Convicted of possessing Army bayonets and being an IRA member and was sentenced to a year in prison.

July 29, 1969 – Fined for assaulting a police officer.

March 9, 1971 – Reports he was involved in the murder of Provisional IRA member Charlie Hughes.

May 22, 1971 – Believed to have been part of the murders or two soldiers.

June 28, 1971 – Convicted of breach of the peace at an IRA funeral and is sentenced to six months, but absconds on bail.

August 10, 197–  Involved in a bakery siege and subsequent firefight.

September 21, 1971 – He is implicated in the attempted murder of four police officers.

February 22, 1972 – Took part in the bombing of Parachute Regiment headquarters in Hampshire that killed seven civilians.

February 25, 1972 – Implicated in the attempted assassination of home affairs minister Lord Kilcooney.

April 15, 1972 – He is shot dead in the Markets area of Belfast. The Official IRA say he was responsible for killing 15 British soldiers.

He was also responsible for tarring and feathering in his community and also ruling the locals with a rod of iron and handing out punishment beatings for those who did not do as ordered.

We are not talking about an upstanding individual and lets face it he who lives by the sword dies by the sword and he was taken out by the British Army.

I am disgusted that this Tory Government went back on its promises to end this witch hunt as that is all it is…a witch hunt to appease those who really have no defense. Northern Ireland is a mess because of political interference and when they cannot fix it, they expect brave servicemen and women to sort their problems for them. Well, it is about time these politicians were made to account for their actions. Send them in and let them sort it. That will clear out the rubbish in Westminster….especially if they think they might have to actually put their lives on the line.

What an affront to decency when you have former Soldiers A and C on trial and the likes of Gerry Adams who is still wondering about and the now dead Martin McGuinness receiving next to nothing, and all the Government is doing with this grubby trial is hiding the double dealing that the Labour Government signed up for as lets face it, they all hide each others nasty little secrets.

Where can these brave individuals get justice when the man responsible for getting this farce of a trial sent to the Courts was one Barra McGrory, a favourite of the IRA and his links to the IRA can be found here.

Barra McGrory, Sinn Fein and the IRA: Jamie Bryson | Longkesh Inside Out.

The whole thing stinks and I would expect this sort of joke trial to be committed under some despot and certainly not a British Government. They are an embarrassment on the world stage.

I am glad that Veterans and Former Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer went to show their support and these brave men have my support without a doubt, and it is time to end this farce because where is the justice for those victims who have died at the hands of the IRA? There was no concern for their justice was Blair was trying to sell himself as a peace maker and handing out get out of jail free cards. All for swelling his coffers no doubt… how else could he sell himself for millions as a peace maker? It is grubby from beginning to end.

Supporters of Two former paratroopers at Laganside Court on Monday ahead of the trial
Veterans standing up for each other.

It makes me feel sick to the stomach that a British Government capitulated the way Blair and his cronies did with these comfort letters, and if the British people had of known about that there would have been outrage and a demand at this obscenity to be stopped, but then Blair was trying to push himself forward as a peace maker. Laughable…he signed into a grubby little deal for money and those who are the real victims of this terrorist organisation will find no justice from any British Government, and they would sooner put their loyal citizens on trial then to actually stand up for them.

That is why I am disgusted at the way Boris Johnson has behaved. He has the majority in Parliament and could have put a law through declaring this charge invalid and any other historical charges, but he won’t as he is a coward. He and his ministers are all cowards and Johnny Mercer was right when he said it is a den of vipers and liars, but it is not the Ministers who suffer the consequences with their gold plated pensions but rather two old men who are being dragged through the courts on trumped up murder charges. We know that the whole thing is a lie and it needs to be stopped.

MP Jonny Mercer is also attending the trial, which is being heard by a judge with no jury
Johnny Mercer – Veteran and MP and a man the Veterans can trust.

Boris Johnson and this Government needs to be careful because if he loses the support of the veterans over this farce then there is no going back, and people like me who already have a hard time actually believing anything a politician says will just close my door on it completely. Those brave veterans put their lives on the line to act on the orders of the Government of the day and to abandon them now is obscene and an affront to decency, and Boris needs to act now.

We can already guess the outcome of this court as it has no doubt been deemed that way by the powers that be….to stop any form of rioting because they are too cowardly to deal with it and two brave individuals will be sacrificed to save face for the politicians, and they wonder why it is so hard to get people to enlist in the Armed Forces and why should they? At least you know the enemy is trying to kill you to your face whereas politicians are quietly stabbing you in the back for their own political gain and in some cases to get their hands on millions of pounds.

Shame on them, shame on Boris and shame on the justice system for this trial.