Biden and his woke agenda

Got down to having all sorts of leftist claptrap spouted at the 2 day Environmental summit by people WHO WERE NOT scientists, and according to them hell is coming if we don’t change..but funnily enough they actually left out REAL scientists who could call the alarmist nonsense exactly what it is….nonsense.

Oh and of course there was the usual racist digs at the West and White people…did they suddenly forget China produces the most pollution? …These people are just spouting their garbage to have another dig because of their hatred against our colour…how very non pc and racist of them. Where is the woke outrage? Oh forgot….we’re white… guess no outrage then…

America you are starting to look very weak and very stupid on the World stage, because you have a very weak, stupid, virtual signalling fool sitting in the Whitehouse.

I doubt Biden even knows what day it is….and still no visit from Harris to the growing crisis on the border.

There really is no cure for their stupidity, but please America when you vote for a President….dont chose the most inept twosome again….

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