It is not sleaze when there is no personal gain.

I am of course referring to the current political outrage (when is there never one with the Labour party), of the text messages between Boris Johnson and Sir James Dyson regarding the much needed ventilators.

We are told through leaked emails and text messages that Prime Minister had contacted Sir James Dyson to ask him to make much needed ventilators, bear in mind we are talking about a national emergency and Sir James Dyson being the employer asked if the tax status of his employees could remain the same if they moved from Singapore to Great Britain., which any like minded employer would do if presented with this. I honestly don’t see what the problem is.

Now in the time of a Covid pandemic and unlike some of those in the chair of PM before him…. and who suddenly became multi millionaires…one Tony Blair and David Cameron…the Prime Minister said he would fix it but that Sir James Dyson must do something…not for him but for the country.

The PM knew that we were short of ventilators and that people were dying and that Dyson must make ventilators for the country. Now Sir James Dyson played  a key role during the pandemic, working with scientists and a Cambridge-based Technology Partnership to produce 10,000 ventilators for hospitals across the country. Again, no personal gain for the Prime Minister.

Lets get this right and despite the outrage of Captain Hindsight….the Prime Minister was not going to personally gain from this and if he had said no, we would have had to purchase the items and I can assure the readers it would have been a damn sight more to purchase them that way than giving some a few people leeway on their taxes.

After all lets look at how those who are in Parliament and are more than happy to dip in and out of our taxes when it suits them for their expenses…..and paying their family members. The majority of them are turning out to be a total waste of our money so if anything keep the Dyson employees and get rid of the expensive MPs.

Boris Johnson mounted a furious defence of his efforts to ramp up the pandemic response as he was berated by Keir Starmer at PMQs
The Prime Minister

Of course Labour are shouting from the rooftops but honestly who listens to Starmer and his nasty shadow front bench. Should they not be sorting out the shadow equalities minister who is not very equal when it comes to “dealing” with minorities in the ward she represents, and there is still the situation where his party went out with the rioters last summer of which he chose to ignore and where the risk of the virus was increased because of their ignorance, and breaking the law, and of course race baiting Dawn Butler…..the list is endless. Lets not forget that this is a labour party who have been investigated for hate and anti Semitism the same as the BNP, and where one of their own MPs likened the racism report to the KKK…despite there only being one white person on the actual commission board. Leaders in glass houses shouldn’t thrown stones especially when it is a labour one.

So do we really need the faux outrage when in reality all Boris Johnson was trying to do was secure more ventilators. Lets face it, he has been there and he knew what this dreadful virus could do and yes it scared him and I fully appreciate that he did not want people to get to that stage and have no help. Can we really blame him for trying to get help any way he could?

Boris Johnson responded: ‘If he’s referring to the request from James Dyson, I make absolutely no apology at all for shifting heaven and earth and doing everything I possibly could, as I think any prime minister would in those circumstances, to secure ventilators for the people of this country. ‘And to save lives and to roll out a ventilator procurement which the Labour-controlled Public Accounts Committee themselves said was a benchmark for procurement.’

Sir James said: ‘When the Prime Minister rang me to ask Dyson to urgently build ventilators, of course I said yes. We were in the midst of an national emergency and I am hugely proud of Dyson’s response – I would do the same again if asked. ‘Our ventilator cost Dyson £20million, freely given to the national cause, and it is absurd to suggest that the urgent correspondence was anything other than seeking compliance with rules, as 450 Dyson people – in UK and Singapore – worked around the clock, seven days a week to build potentially life-saving equipment at a time of dire need.  Mercifully they were not required as medical understanding of the virus evolved. 

‘Neither Weybourne nor Dyson received any benefit from the project, indeed commercial projects were delayed, and Dyson voluntarily covered the £20m of development costs.  Not one penny was claimed from any Government, in any jurisdiction, in relation to Covid-19.’

I know that the civil servants and the Sir Humphrey’s of this world are supposed to be there and lets give him a tiny telling off but can we really accuse a man of sleaze when he was trying to find the very thing that was needed the most?

Labour will continue to make hay of this when in reality there is nothing to see here and they need to move along to their next disaster as Captain Hindsight will mess things up he always does?

Can you imagine the faces of the families to be told “Sorry no, we don’t have ventilators…we could have but the outrage of getting these ventilators for some tax knocked off prevented us from doing this”…

Then there would be outrage.

I say well done Prime Minister for trying in time of a pandemic to get the equipment that was so badly needed, and shame on the Labour party for making a scene out of nothing but then again the Labour party have not and will never understand that at least Boris tried…more than Starmer ever does….he is just trying and on the nerves too.

Again, it is not sleaze when the only people to gain from this deal were those who badly needed the ventilators.

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