Sleaze is sleaze however hard you try to cover it up.

So, what are we to make of the current sleaze problems that have hit the Conservative party?  I know the Labour party are trying to make hay out of it and they have no room to talk as they are just as sleazy, and it sickens me to the core to watch how they pull each other apart without consideration that we know that they are all as bad as each other when it comes to making money for themselves.  The greed of MPs and former politicians knows no bounds. 

How many times do we read that politicians flip their houses, or have central heating put in at our expense, or have an expensive bathroom, 3 piece suite, expensive carpets, new windows etc etc, and the list goes on and then the next thing you read is that they have sold it for a nice profit and only pay the taxes on it when found out with a story that they thought they were entitled to it, and that the rules need to be made clearer.

Dear god if they cannot understand those rules how can we trust them to understand the rules they themselves are making.

Guess it is quite profitable to have your house paid for.  After all, how many MPs have been found out having their interest paid on a house they already own, or for some and this is unbelievable…they put in a receipt for a mars bar…. can these tight people not even pay £1 for a chocolate?  The sleaze is sickening, and it just goes on and on and another day and another sleaze story, but this time involving a former Prime Minister, Civil Servants, and a firm on the verge of folding and one that can only be saved by our taxpayers’ money.

When you look at the initial story you think oh its another former Prime Minister who just wants to make money out of his connections.  David Cameron must have thought he was on a sure thing to his pay day of an estimated £70 million for lobbying on behalf of Greensill Capital, a former Financial Company.  The only problem was that it was not going to be as easy as he thought because there is something called sleaze.

I believe that the political parties of today are more concerned with what and how much will line their pocket rather than how to take care of the country, and the trust we have put in them.

Take Matt Hancock we find out that he has 15% worth of shares in a company that won an NHS contract.  Now whether he submitted it in the register of interests is not the issue, it is the fact that the Health Secretary has shares in a company that wins NHS contracts. There is the comment that his sister has shares too…but she is not in Government…he is.  We are told that he has no say in the decision of who gets what but to a mere mortal…it does not look right because it is not right, and this is only scratching the surface.

Now we had the unseemly sight of Tony Blair agreeing with George W Bush to start an illegal war where he made millions out of the deaths of thousands, and where once out of office he visited despot after despot selling his wares for millions, and even trying to advise the dictator of Kazakhstan in charge of a country on how to spin the fact they murdered 15 students. 

Tony Blair’s role advising countries with poor human rights records has come under scrutiny again after he gave Kazakhstan’s president advice on how to avoid his image being tarnished by the killing of 15 civilian protesters by police.  In a letter to Nursultan Nazarbeyev, Blair told the autocratic ruler that the December 2011 deaths, “tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress that Kazakhstan has made”. Blair advised Nazarbeyev that when dealing with the western media, he should tackle the events in Zhanaozen, when police opened fire on protesters, including oil workers demanding higher wages, “head-on”.  

Tony Blair advises Kazakh president on publicity after killing of protesters | Tony Blair | The Guardian

It was something we had accepted as it was Tony Blair and we knew he was only after money, and like millions of others I took comfort as a Conservative voter that this was Labour, and this was what we could expect from them as we had Lord Mandelson resigning twice for Fraud and hanging round every despotic billionaire he could find…..and then I read a Conservative Prime Minister was getting involved in sleazy deals for money, and I felt more anger than I ever did at Tony Blair as Conservatives were not supposed to do this….especially not Conservative Prime Ministers.

The sleaze involved just gets larger and larger….

To see David Cameron trying to get taxpayers money for a firm that was on the brink of shutting down just does not sit well with me.  It stinks it really stinks.

David Cameron’s Greensill Scandal Explained: Did the Former PM Break Lobbying Laws? – TLDR – YouTube

Cameron and Lex Greensill

David Cameron took to lobbying several ministers and this included the chancellor Rishi Sunak at the height of this country dealing with a deadly virus from China, and where people were worried about dying from a virus, or their loved ones dying from a virus or facing financial ruin. 

The chancellor released text messages he sent to former prime minister Mr Cameron last April in which he said he had “pushed” his officials to explore how to help Greensill Capital access to COVID Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF).   Mr Cameron wanted Greensill, who he was working for, to be able to issue loans using taxpayer cash through the scheme.    David Cameron would have made millions from this and it would have cost us hundreds of millions in bailing out this company.   It got as far as the Consultation level and then rejected, but why should these companies be allowed to use former ministers to access our money as ultimately it is our and not theirs, and how dare these people think they can do what they want with this and make money out of it.  It is grubby from beginning to end.

Greensill: Rishi Sunak summoned to parliament over David Cameron lobbying controversy as PM orders review | Politics News | Sky News

Mr Cameron even went out with the begging bowl to Saudi Arabia at a time when the Crown Prince was being ostracised.  Now I am not going to say anything about the Crown Prince, but he is a clever man and knew why Cameron was there and do we really need to see a former Prime Minister out with the begging bowl for a company that he would make millions for.  There is no difference between him and Blair because in the end it was all about money to them, but the biggest cause for concern is the fact that Cameron could access Government Ministers and Senior Civil Servants for his own advancement so easily?  This has to stop. 

We are not the United States of America where there are powerful lobbying groups. The way our Parliament works is that it is supposed to be beyond reproach and that sleaze must not come into it, but then when these were set in place they did not give thought to the most basic human thought…greed and boy do we have some of the greediest people dealing with our Parliament.

The Chancellor

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor

Why was David Cameron so desperate to get the funding and why does an already wealthy man…want to be wealthier?  It is nothing more than greed and I dislike that the most in any politician.  Greed, sleaze, and more sleazes run through politicians in this country, and we have been plagued with them for years and it has to stop.

Who are the players?

David Cameron is a former Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain who resigned when he lost the Brexit Referendum having expected the country to remain because he and the establishment obviously thought better than we did.  What does an out of work PM do then? 

Well, he did not resign worrying about money as his wife’s family is part of the Sheffield Baronets and we are talking in the realms of millionaires and he retired to his country home to write his memoirs and sign up to a speaking agency, but it seems making hundreds of thousands was not enough for Mr Cameron and he decided to start lobbying on behalf of a company that in the end folded.

Mr Cameron was cleared of any wrongdoing by the official watchdog in March 2021 on the basis he was a Greensill Capital employee rather than a third-party lobbyist.    He insisted he broke “no codes of conduct and no government rules” but having “reflected on this at length” accepted there were “lessons to be learnt”. Yet the company got 10 meetings with the treasury department.  You have to ask how was this allowed to go on?  It seems that former Prime Ministers get an unusually large amount of access to Government departments and this makes it unfair on those companies who do not.

Hands up if anyone is surprised that he was cleared?  Nobody really as it means that this would bring into focus what other people do and as for that old chestnut “lessons to be learnt” … how many times have we read that…and yet the sleaze still continues.

We know that politicians who leave Parliament have 4 ideals for companies…and even better if they were in Government?

  1. They have access to the political elite.
  2. They know how to get bills put into parliament.
  3. They know how government works.
  4. They know who works in government.

Did Mr Cameron approach other ministers….?

Yes. In October 2019 he went for a “private drink” with Lex Greensill – the founder of Greensill Capital – and Health Secretary Matt Hancock. They discussed a payment scheme that the firm wanted the NHS to start using.

Was the payment scheme used by the NHS?

Yes. It was used in parts of the health service. But allies of the health secretary say everything was above board and he “updated officials on the business that was discussed” in the October drinks meeting. Advice was also commissioned from civil servants on the payment scheme when it was first put forward in August 2019. Sources say Matt Hancock was clear that other providers should be able to offer the work as well.

Remember this is the same Health Minister who has made money out of the shares he owns in a company that won a Government Contract.  I can imagine that if this had been successful then somewhere along the line another Government Minister would have ended up in the employment of Greensill, and again that person would have been cleared of any wrongdoing and this is quite simply because they will not criticise their own and the sleaze just goes on and on and on.

Who is Lex Greensill?

David Cameron and Lex Greensill

Lex Greensill is a billionaire Australian financier who initially worked for multinational banks before founding Greensill Capital in 2011. The firm specialised in “supply chain finance” – a service designed to let companies have their bills paid more quickly through the use of short-term loans. He was awarded a CBE for “services to the economy” in 2017.

Having looked at Greensill and their proposals, this was nothing more than a sophisticated WONGA scheme.  It was a payday loan for Government departments and of course there would have been the pesky thing called interest to pay, and I cannot believe that anyone would entertain this especially with regards to the NHS.  As for the owners CBE I wonder how much that cost him in party donations as we have read time and time again that if you donate a large sum of money you start off with a CBE and end up with a Knighthood or even elevated to the Lords, and all parties do it, but getting back to the sophisticated WONGA plan, we would have been stuck with the interest rates of the loans and this would have reduced the monies available considerably. How could a former Prime Minister do that?  It is wrong especially as he stood there on a platform to protect the NHS and other departments, but I guess you will say anything if it gets you elected.

Whatever happened to ennobling those who have deserved it through their effort to the country. It seems that if you have half a million quid then you too can go to the Lords and then fleece the taxpayer of £327 a day for the rest of your life and just think of the Government doors this will open and we are back to square one.  Sleaze in whatever language you state…it is sleaze.

We also have those in Whitehall working for the same defunct financial group whilst still employed by the British taxpayer.  How much more do we have to put up with?

I thought that there was a watchdog that oversees this, if there is where they asleep on the job? 

Westminster watchdog chief ‘did not anticipate anything like Greensill’ – YouTube

If not why and can we really trust MPs to have an inquiry into this?  I wouldn’t trust the majority of MPs to run me a hot bath…never mind being responsible for policing this or anything else as year after year we have to read how MPs have fraudulently defrauded us for their expenses and to those who read this…its called theft and not the rubbish that they come up with…”we thought it was allowed”… rubbish…theft is theft and we cannot and must not let MPs look into the lobbying that David Cameron has pulled.

It now seems that we cannot trust the civil servants either as the civil Service was also caught up in the row after it emerged former Head of Government procurement Bill Crothers had worked for Greensill while still employed in Whitehall.  How far does this go in the corridors of power?

This waddles, quacks, and smells like a cover up and it is sleazy and nasty, and this is coming from the supposed darlings of the Conservative Party.

How many more do we have in Parliament that are covering up money making schemes?  It seems to go on from week to week and I always thought that David Cameron was an honourable man, and he has fooled an awful lot of people into thinking this.

It stinks, it absolutely stinks.  When is enough going to be enough for these people?  They are supposed to act and think above that of the average man, and it seems most of the politicians cannot pull themselves out of the gutter, as you will never find the average hard-working man doing this as it is called sleaze, and the average citizen has a code of honour that seems to be missing with MPs and you find that something like this tends to stick in our throats.

There should be a body that makes MPs and former PMs answerable to them and to give them some teeth, not one that just talks the talk and does nothing as David Cameron was lobbying for my money, he was lobbying for your money as the Government does not have money…it is ours and to go forward with what equates to a WONGA deal makes my blood boil. This deal would have in effect ended up with the NHS paying interest just to pay their bills.

Now I know that when you are rich like David Cameron that you would get private health care, but those of us who have to use the NHS would have ended up with services cut as there was only way the interest rate would go and that is up.

How could a former Prime Minister do that to the country, and how could he do that having said that the NHS was safe with the Conservatives….it is not safe with him.

Politics is rotten, those who are the players on the world stage are rotten and to think they are supposed to represent this country and make the decisions.  I guess their decision making depends on the role they get afterwards, and whether they can get on that committee to lobby discreetly as let us face it, how many times have we heard of an MP sitting on a committee and then next he/she has a well-paid job with the firm they were asking for.

The stench from Parliament is almost unbearable and maybe it is about time we demanded that Parliament is picked up from the gutter it has found itself in, and make sure that just because you are either a former Prime Minister or Government Minister you should not profit from the very place the electorate put you in to sort out the rot.  We pay your wages, and we should therefore have the right to decide when and what you can do afterwards and continuing to make money off taxpayers is not one of them.

Shame on David Cameron and that torch I carried for him as a leader blew itself out.  

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