The wonder of nature…

I am most at peace with the world in my garden, and I love Roses.

I have bought 12 rose bushes this week from Lidl and they have taken beautifully. Here is one of them.

They were £3.79 each and last year I planted 3 other rose bushes..

They are growing lovely, but 2 years before I had purchased one….

And it has grown beautifully. If you are thinking of purchasing rose bushes…have a look at Lidl as they are lovely and put in a mixture of good soil and some plant food and they grow so strong. I am so looking forward to my garden of roses in a couple of years time.

I have 20 rose bushes of various sizes and the smell is beautiful of a morning, spray with bug killer to keep those pesky things out of the rose head, but keep trimming it to grow thick and the wonder of nature is there to see.

I am hoping to double that to 40 before the summer ends….

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