The Democrats are planning a Dictatorship…..

By fiddling the vote and giving illegals a right to vote. No wonder he is massing them on the border….and how insulting to those who apply for residency legally…the hoops they have to jump through is monumental. They just need to get themselves to the Mexican border by the looks of things and save the cost, the inspections and the paperwork.

The fact that they have to live in cages first doesn’t seem to bother Harris or Biden as they are serving a purpose…to them…. and when all else fails BRIBE the illegal voters…and he has the gall to state Russia interferes?

Just a question….if they do and it sends shockwaves to the core… weak is America? You can’t be seen to be strong and then cry interference….it is all smoke and mirrors to con the electorate.

Nice to know where your taxpayer dollars are being squandered America…but hey America you voted this in..

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