We must not get involved….

The Russians are building up their troops on the Ukraine Border and it seems that they are ready to swoop into the region to take control of it.

Russian self-propelled guns, Opuk range in Crimea, 19 Mar 21

The Ukraine are desperate to join NATO and we must not get dragged into something that does not concern us as allowing them to join NATO now will force countries to fight for them and will force a situation that frankly we do not want and I for one do not want any serviceman or woman to perish fighting for the Ukraine, as we know they would never fight for us and that sadly was proved in the 40s. Although, it seems that the few RAF fighter jets we have will now be stationed in Romania to try and protect the front and this is the backdoor way of forcing us to join the continuing threat and is not acceptable.

The Russian Government and President Vladimir Putin has ordered some 80,000 men to the border and that is the whole of our Army, and the Russians have not even started with their numbers and we have seen in the days of old just what the Russians are like for numbers.

From their stance in WW2 and where we should respect them for standing up to the Nazi tyranny…they did so through numbers, sheer determination and lack of care for their own soldiers and the numbers of dead and can we really afford to have them as our enemies?

Putin is sabre rattling because he knows that there is the weakest of men occupying the White House. I am actually surprised Joe Biden even remembers he is President and he is very weak. We can no longer say that he is the leader of the free world but rather he is an confused old man and it is because of his weakness that we have this build up. He knows the weakest point of the West collation is Biden.

We know that Iran are friends with the Russians and they are a rogue state…and the West is creating more and more trouble by standing behind a man in the states who doesn’t know what day it is.

The Russians are after the Crimea and the Ukraine and I listened to an expert on the News channel today who said that Russia does not have any friends in Europe, but what he forgot and it immediately sprung to mind was that Russia are friends with China, and Xi Jinping is on dictatorial form in his potential conquests so if you have your fellow dictator watching your back, then you go ahead and roll the tanks in and who will stop him? It certainly won’t be the EU…their oneness will disintegrate in an instance.

Only a fool thinks that he will not use the might of his allies in this new axis of evil and are we really going to poke the bear that is already angry. The Ukraine Government wanted to be in the EU so let the EU protect them and leave this country out of it. After all, we have to ask ourselves would the EU come to our aid? Would the USA come to think of it as Biden has already stated that he is an Irishman and has a dislike of Great Britain……that I have issues with as his Irish family were over 200 years ago, and mine are half of that….yet I am English and he is no more Irish than I am….he was using it as an excuse to try and kick us yet again. The old man has to realise that he cannot kick anyone anymore without falling over and it is his weakness that will prove to the weak spot of all of us.

Which brings me to the point that the United States of America would throw us to the wolves too. They would expect to have planes on this Island and bombing from bases here and we know that cannot be any good at any time as when it gets rough…they will leave and leave us to it as Biden will not be able to cope. He is not a War President…he is not anything….again he is just an old man who the voters put in because of their hatred for Orange Man Bad……

If this is a sabre rattling exercise where Putin needs to show off his strength to this new President then let him deal with it and certainly not us. I fear Biden more than I fear Putin as Biden pretends to be our friend and we know that he would leave us to cope with the fall out in a heartbeat, and the Vice President is even worse.

Let the people of Ukraine make the decision who they want to be with. If they decide the EU then it is for the EU to sort out, although I should imagine Germany would not want to get dragged into this….they have a not so good history with the Russians and I am sure there are some in Russia who want payback still, but if the Ukraine vote to join the Russian State then they must be left with who they chose.

IT is not for the EU or the USA to try and ignore that decision as they did ours. This will be either a yes for Russia or a mess for the European Union to sort out as they will be crazy if they think that the doddery old chap in the White House will come to their aid…..

Whatever happens we in the United Kingdom must not get dragged into any sabre rattling, we must not get dragged into any skirmish with Russia as this will unleash the rise of ISIS again and we will be under attack from terrorist fanatics who will be helped in their pursuit by Iran…..it will amount to a whole rotten bloody mess where those who are the most innocent will suffer and no United Kingdom politician must allow this to happen but if they continue siding with those very same people who wanted us to suffer economically…i.e. the European Union then they would have slept walked into a situation that will cost the lives of thousands and thousands and economic ruin and that is unforgiveable.

Again, this is all due to having the weakest, most ill prepared individual in the Whitehouse and the sabre rattle will get so loud that it will be unstoppable as look at the trio….Russia, China and Iran… and with this unholy alliance, no good will come from it.

Out of her depth…

Seems the Vice President Kamala Harris HAS STILL NOT BEEN TO THE BORDER.

She has nothing to offer and no solutions to the overworked ICE staff, and the poor immigrants who find themselves locked up .

Oh am I bad….she did offer something….LAUGHTER. She found it hilarious to be asked…and then promptly spent the next two weeks ordering the decorators how to spend your taxes….

America what have you done to yourselves voting these two imbeciles in….