Spotlight on an independent potential councillor in Warrington

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to read that Beth Trainer will be standing as an Independent Councillor in the area I live.   Now, I know to my readers that name does not ring a bell but with the people of the area where I live, this lady is an absolute angel.

During our recent flooding in the Dallam and Bewsey the local council was left terribly wanting.  Infact it was outrageous how they neglected the people in the area and did not even provide sandbags to those most in need until the day after the flooding, and that it was just a truck parked where those who are disabled or with young children could not get it.  The councillors for the area were nowhere to be seen but they let people know that they were available on Facebook for contact.  Nice, warm, and dry from their homes whilst people were struggling with ever increasing water lapping at their doors, and to be available on Facebook was of no use as the floods had resulted in a loss of electricity to their houses, and people were just driven to distraction when trying to contact the council or the councillors as it was useless and they were in effect left to fend for themselves.

The councillors who actually represent this ward were nowhere to be seen, infact I have not seen them for the full five years and actually had to google who they were.  There were of course the PR photographs of one of them standing at the hub that is being built back in the Summer but other than that nothing. 

I saw a couple of days later following the flooding that the same councillor was seen at the local school helping to pack emergency food supplies, but for a couple of days nobody could get in or out….so it was just that….a PR exercise.  They were found very wanting and failing, and we needed something new and someone who cared and up popped Beth.

Beth runs a charity called the Good Guys Group and she really went out on a limb during the flooding.  She managed to get people rooms at the hotels and managed to beg for items to be donated which she and her helpers went to collect.  This ranged from fridges, freezers, beds, sofas anything as she had actually sat down with the devastated people and saw that they had been left with nothing.

She arranged for hot food to be made by the local people and my home got involved in that, and it was not too much bother for her to come and pick up the food.  She asked for donations to provide hot meals for those in the hotels as the food was slightly basic and all of this was spent on food to provide a hot meal for those who were forced out by the flood water.

The warehouse where she kept the items to offer those who lost everything was brimming and she managed by some miracle to actually provide so much that very few missed out, and she even managed to get replacements for such items as bunk beds for those who could not afford to purchase any.

She drove round in her own time to provide help and support and she would often ring people to help her as people wanted to do this as we had seen how poorly the council had treated the area.  It was so upsetting to see people who had lost everything crying because they did not know where to turn too, and then the smile on their faces when Beth turned up as they knew that a good person had turned up.

Beth and her charity managed to get Easter Eggs for all the children affected by the flooding and arranged for toys and packs of things to do for the children stuck in hotel rooms, and she was grateful for any support and any help and I can say in all honesty that she was working 14 hours a day to help people and to put them in contact with who could help them.

The current councillors….did nothing and that is shameful as they have now thrown their hat into the ring again but we are wiser now to the fact that whilst people were being flooded out, whilst people were losing their home and their belongings, whilst people were scared and worried about to replace everything , the only person on the horizon was Beth Trainer and her charity the Good Guys Group, and without her super human effort then there would be so many people struggling in an area that has so many young families, and older people who would just not be able to find the money to replace things.

Beth is continuing her charity group and doing all the excellent work that she has been doing but also running for council as she wants to make a difference to the area and the people that she has grown so fond of, and who have grown fond of her.

Beth can be truly said to be an honest and open candidate whose only mission is to improve the lives of the people she sees struggling every day, and she wants to do something about it, and this is why she has decided to enter the world of politics and I know from interacting with Beth that she will have my vote as she is the sort of councillor that we could all do with.  An honest, open, caring and kind person and maybe if we demanded that sort of requirement in all our elected officials then maybe they would earn our trust once more.

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