Mourning a much loved Aunty…..

One of the sad facts of life at getting older is those who we grew up with, our beloved relatives also get older and I am mourning the passing of a beloved Aunty.

Joyce was a typical no nonsense scouser with a heart of gold and who always had curlers in. I spent many a happy time with my siblings being chased round the garden by my daft Uncle Charlie who was an RAF veteran and who made the most wonderful soup. That was our treat….no game boys, phones etc….they were not invented…but a big garden and a bowl of hot soup.

Many a time we were thrown in to the compost heap squealing with delight… no health and safety then guys, but a bunch of dirty, smelly, happy kids marching into their Aunts kitchen as she and nan shook their heads and promptly kept us in the kitchen….given Uncle Charlie that look and he would be laughing. He was always laughing.

Christmas, birthdays and weekends when Dad’s work shift allowed was a trip to my Aunts and she must of thought a rugby team turned up as we were loud, but we always knew she loved us deeply.

As I grew up and developed my NATO accent, my Aunty referred to me as the Duchess or Suzy and those names were reserved for her alone. She was a tiny woman like my nan, at 4ft 11″….and me her towering neice at 5ft 7″ always being respectful….she was my Aunty after all and I would never swear, say a wrong word, always wanted a cuddle and the joy of seeing them was real.

I am actually still like that with my mother….I never use profanity, am always respectful, do as I am told and always make sure mum is OK….and I am hurtling towards mid 50s and a grandmother. Its called good parenting…something some kids need so much these days.

The pride on faces all round when I turned up in my Army No2 Dress was something I have never forgotten as I went to take nan out.

After my nana passed away, we took to seeing them more. They had one daughter my cousin Pauline but she had no children, but my Uncle Charlie was desperate to be a grandfather , so my parents promptly shared the 14 they had and the next generation could have the joy of relatives that we as children had, sadly Charlie was not able to chase as much and that was left to Brian, my cousins husband… but Charlie would be out enjoying the fun.

Innocent fun and no gadgets but screaming, laughing and running…a proper childhood.

My grandparents were gone by the time I was 21, my beloved Uncle Charlie 7 years ago and now my Aunty but I have those priceless memories of the days spent tearing round the garden, pop, soup and cake…. what a perfect perfect way to spend the time.

She is now at peace with my lovely grandfather, beautiful grandmother, my very beloved father and much loved Uncle…..

That is always the problem with getting older….we end up losing those we love very much.

Rest in peace Aunt Joyce….till we meet again take care of Dad and Uncle Charlie as you always did. Love you and thank you for making my childhood special along with Uncle Charlie and my dad.xxxx

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