The nastiness of the Left…..

I thought I had seen it all with the left and their intolerance to everything in the world when it does not suit their “wokeness”…but even I thought that this was disgusting beyond belief….

Karen Geier decided to join in the many tweets that have been put out regarding the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh but in true leftist wokery style….hers was as vicious as they come.

Despite provoking a storm of outrage, the Canadian-based journalist, who describes herself as a ‘content strategist’, made no apology for her post and told her critics to ‘get lives’

What sort of disgusting individual writes this?

Karen Geier
Karen Geier is the disgusting individual

She states on her job bio that she writes for the Guardian but even the leftist Guardian has distanced itself from her and are now trying to stop the damage she has caused by stating that she only wrote one article 5 years ago.

The Guardian immediately distanced itself from Geier since she mentioned the website in her Twitter bio and on her personal website.A spokesman told the Mail Online: “Karen Geier is not a Guardian writer – she wrote one article for us five years ago.

What sort of bottom feeder actually writes that she is disappointed that a man who fought for his country, has served the monarchy, the commonwealth and the people faithfully and who has done so much for charity did not die in pain. Her parents must be delighted to have given birth to such a loathsome creature. Lets hope they don’t end up relying on her for help when they are older…..

Oh she tells her critics to get a life….well it seems it is going to be a lot brighter than hers as I hope no one touches this horrible individual with a barge pole. There has to be repercussions for people like this as he has done nothing to her, and he has defended the right to democracy which is more than someone like her would ever do.

It never surprises me by how low those on the left sink. They accuse people like me being right of the Conservative party of being unkind, not concerned with humanity etc etc…yet here we have a classic example of what sort of nasty individual they have in their ranks.

Let us hope this bottom feeders career has come to a stop as nobody should employ a disgusting individual like this as having common decency alone would prevent you from even writing this, but then again I guess that people like her lack even the most basic of common decency and humanity.

Lets get her name and face out there so that nobody would touch her at all and maybe she will learn a harsh lesson in life and that is …. be kind to those who are suffering loss especially when they have served this country with honour, and whose passing has touched the lives of millions.

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