Shame on Lord Adonis….

Yet again Lord Adonis…the man who has only stood for one election as an MEP and came last has yet again reared his ugly head yet again in an attempt to rejoin the EU and has done so in the most disrespectful way.

This time he used the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to politicise rejoining the EU.

What a totally vile individual. It does not matter where HRH The Duke of Edinburgh came from…he was British and served this country, the people and his Monarch with grace, bravery and honour.

Andrew Adonis

What this odious unelected nobody has forgotten to add in his rush to state his case for his beloved EU, that HRH The Duke of Edinburgh served in the Royal Navy at a time where we were at war with some in Europe, i.e. Germany and the states who supported it to defeat Nazism and the tyranny that brought with it but you won’t find Adonis saying that, as it does not suit his blinkered, pig ignorant view.

It is more than clear that the Prime Minister needs to drain the swamp that is the House of Lords especially as we have unelected idiots like Adonis in there. This is both insulting to the Royal Family and insulting to HM the Queen. He has politicised the death of her beloved soul mate to make a crass point.

It is insulting and it is insensitive and to think this man sits in the Lords and debates our Laws. It is unbelievable that in this day and age he can do that because he was just a “chum” of Tony Blairs. He has not stood for election as an MP once and only did the MEP stand because he was called out to stand for what he believed in and the electorate placed him last in the result and that should have shut him up….totally.

This man ignores the political will of the people and because of that he should be dragged from the Upper House as he is not the person to sit in there, and I have asked before and I will ask again what he is getting from this almost slavish determination to illegally drag us back to the EUSSR.

We know that Blair had his eyes on the Presidency but what is Adonis getting for his loyalty to an unelected monstrosity?

The fact that he has used this time of mourning is disgraceful and there must be a code that their Lordships are expected to live by, and if not there should be as to politicise the death of the husband of the Monarch should be a form of treason. It should also be treated as the crassest of comments as we know that like HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh stayed out of politics and to be dragged back into it when dead by this dreadful, dreadful individual is a slur on the memory of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Adonis is not fit to be in the Lords and he is not fit to be even comment on what or who HRH The Duke of Edinburgh is as unlike him…His Royal Highness actually put his life on the line for freedom and democracy, and who put duty above all else and Adonis is only putting Adonis above everything else….even crossing the line when it comes to the death of a man who served this country with honour for 8 decades.

Shame on the odious individual and come on Boris….kick the likes of him out of the Lords as it is full of vipers and self serving buffoons.

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