I would like to point out first that this is not an attack on the people of China but rather there leaders and the Communist Parliament and people in charge. This build up in the South China seas needs to be stopped and China must be treated as a rogue state and afforded no rights in the West.

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China has already started to move more ships into the disputed South China Sea and it is never good when they start to send in men and military machines. There are other countries who border this sea and one by one China is turning its gaze towards them….and that is just the start.

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The Communist State of China is going to build up its military arsenal until it is unstoppable and then the world will react too late.

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Beijing’s man-made islands in the South China Sea are now bristling with military hardware as the country seeks to build more bases overseas, a US report says. The base on the hotly-contested Spratly Islands has been outfitted with 24 fighter-sized hangars, runways, water and fuel storage, a large port, communications equipment, fixed-weapon positions and a barracks. Three squadrons of warplanes will eventually be stationed at the bases, analysts with the Department of Defense believe, allowing Chinese warplanes to operate over the entire region. 

This cannot be good for Taiwan as we know they are looking at invading them when the time is right for China. They will do far worse to the people of Taiwan than they have done to Hong Kong, and we know they are already restricting freedom of thought, freedom of press and freedom to march in Hong Kong. They are putting those they view as a threat to the state through Hong Kong kangaroo courts that they are running and losing them in the Chinese penal system and it is highly doubtful they will see the light of day again…. and this is just for the start…

Taiwan will be invaded and what is the world doing? They are just sending ships to look at each other. The United States of America has sent another one today and what is the United Nations doing? Nothing. Mind you a strongly worded letter is about the only thing they do…..next to useless.

This constant restriction of the South China Sea is blocking the people’s right to fish and to have imports and exports to and from their countries. China is restricting all of this because they want to control the area and if it means military control with no rights for the other countries then as far as they are concerned its a price these poor people will pay.

It seems that the only country who will stand up to China is India and they are having none of the incursions in the Himalayas and Indian Border and what a pity the rest of the world will not be as brave as India. We need to offer them help and our support.

This is the next step in the domination of the Far East that China has planned. The South China Sea has minerals and old reserves the size of Texas under there and China plan to use it for their gain and nobody else and this will give them an unfair advantage over those countries trapped in its web.

They have built this Island and put state of the art military weapons on it….that means they have no peace in mind but rather are preparing for a war and of that I am in no doubt and more than likely China will cause it because it gives them the excuse to go after the other countries. After Taiwan.what next? Japan?.

China has equipped its artificial islands in the South China Sea with 24 hangars, runways, communications equipment, fixed-weapon positions and a barracks (pictured in 2016)
There are 24 hangers, communication and military equipment on this island. It also includes runways and accommodation for soldiers.

The proof is here that China is starting a build up for war.

They are not only building here but also plan military bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan and this must surely send alarm bells ringing. The West and its allies can stop the Chinese now as the rights of people must come first and the more countries China gets involved in, the less rights the people have until they have no rights at all. China is a not a saviour to the poverty of your country. Making a deal with the Communist Chinese state is akin to doing a deal with the devil.

China is investing to take over nothing more nothing less, and it will be these countries that pay the price as I cannot imagine India being happy with the military build up in Pakistan by Chinese troops, and we should be encouraging friendship and understanding. It seems that where ever there is the potential for instability and creating incursions and crushing civil rights China is involved.

All the countries who oppose this rogue state must get involved now as when they are bombing Taiwan or maybe Japan it will be too late, and there will be hit and run incursions into India too…..and it must be stopped before it begins…otherwise there will be a world war and it will make the last one look somewhat tame compared to what is coming.

China is a rogue state and must be treated as that and all its assets frozen and out of their reach. For the sake of humanity we have too.