Still nothing from the Warrington Borough Council…nor the Leader of the Council.

The Leader of the Council is quick enough to do this for political gain,

I am in full agreement because of the vile tweet was regarding a child…..but then does absolutely nothing when the Warrington North MP states she will “deal” with Gypsies, Roma and Travellers, and for posting malicious communications through the doors of Warrington Voters…There are children in those groups too… they not need protecting?

I totally agree that those peddling hate should have decisive action taken against them, so why has nothing been done or said to the Labour MP…waiting…..waiting…..nope nothing.

The lack of noise is deafening and absolutely hypocritical….but then sadly thats what we have come to expect from this disastrous Labour Led Council.

I am in conversation with lots of other residents and we have some concerns as the local taxpayers. I think these people forget they answer to us and certainly not the other way round….and the main concern is why are we £1.6 billion in debt and rising to £2.3 billion?? One for instance….

Why did they invest 87.6% into Redwood bank but only got 33% shares? The 12.4% private investors got 67% of the bank back. At least they profited from the Council….pity the same cannot be said of the Warrington taxpayers WHOSE MONEY IT IS….

I will of course be posting the questions from the concerned residents on here….and see if we finally get answers, as so far there is diddly squat.

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