8pm at night and there is a knock on the door and stood before is a young post man. It is at times like this that you realise you are getting old when the Postman looks so young…..

He says hello, how was I and promptly hands me my parcels. Bless him, he apologised for the lateness and I told him that it was ok and that I deeply appreciate what he is doing and hoped that he would not be too much longer out as it was getting late.

He explained that the Post Office are still trying to get on top of the influx of parcels because of us buying everything online, and that he himself is working longer shifts.

He was so polite and who can get annoyed at first a nice smile, secondly your parcels, thirdly an apology and lastly an explanation of why the post is getting later.

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I think we should all take time out and thank the postmen and women of this country who have kept us going and give us such morale with the parcels being handed over. I know they are parcels we have bought but the excitement of knowing that something was happening in the day made it slightly brighter and we all waited eagerly for the post.

I am very lucky as I have become good friends with the postman and post woman who delivers to our house, and out come the Christmas presents and baked cakes as I appreciated everything they had done and Steve our postie actually asked did I need anything? He knew about Mr Points of Sue being unwell with a lung condition and he didn’t want us to worry.

I explained that my daughter and her husband, and my young neighbours were helping us but it was so appreciated that he asked, and I think the one thing that Covid 19 has done is make us more appreciative of people and the services they do.

After all, who would have thought we would be out clapping and saying thank you to the binmen, or like me putting up posters in the window thanking them, the Asda online delivery man and the Post Office 2 years ago? This virus has given us a much more appreciative attitude towards those who kept us going.

I know that I am more patient when standing in a queue at the counter, tap on the window and wave at the bin men with a big smile and if I catch them on time out goes the biscuits….amazing how big burly men go all gooey at a box of chocolate biscuits from a very appreciative me.

I for one am always delighted to see our postman and woman and my beautiful JRT loves the postie and Steve our Postie first got to meet Zeus when he was 8 weeks old and now he is 4, and he made such a fuss that Zeus waits for him patiently everyday for a cuddle, a pat and 5 minutes of oo what a good boy you are.

It has been those gallant brave people who have worked through this pandemic that we should appreciate more than anything, and for me the big shout out to the Post Office for their professionalism and their concern from the men and women on the round for those of us who were isolating and in fear of a virus that we could not control.

It is good to know that they cared.