There is definitely something wrong with Harris….

There is something disturbingly wrong with this woman.

First she laughs at the poor children on the border who are kept in the cages where they are over-crowded and suffering from Covid 19, and now this….

She is laughing at those parents who are not sending their children to school because to her “they will appreciate teachers”. How very petty as children do appreciate good teachers and it is quite disgusting that she laughs at the fact children are not being taught in school.

Biden and her have invited the poorest of all people in to the country and how are they going to send their children to school as there is no way that these children can access computers? Will she be laughing at them again and again. To think that this woman is the first female Vice President and all she does is laugh at the misery of others. This is a disturbing trait in people and it shows that she really does not care about what those who are considered beneath her.

After all, when a woman can so easily dismiss going to the Border to see the pain and suffering of children because she has the decorators in, she is showing her true colours and people it is not very nice. You had better hope that this woman does not become President because if she is….then you are in big trouble as she will just laugh in your faces from crisis to crisis.

She is in over her head and it is blatantly obvious here and it will only get worse…..god help the United States of America with those two in charge.

Some people should just not teach….

Loudon County school district in the States want children to think of race when they are looking at another school member.  This is racism at its absolute worse.   I have always told my children to accept people as you find them regardless of the colour of their skin, and those same friends are still around even as adults but to state that the children must view their colour and race first is surely racist in its own right?

A teacher at the school in the states asked a pupil what he saw when he was shown a picture of a redheaded girl and a black girl standing back-to-back with the question what is race?  The young person gave an answer that I would expect from anybody without a racist bone in their body and said that it was a picture of two people chilling.  Two equal people I might add….and not happy with that the overzealous teacher told him it was race.

How dare they change the most wonderful view that this pupil had.  He did not see colour; he did not see a race but rather two people who were together and that is how those who are of the right mind would see them.  

It is only racist that see skin colour first and then they try to convince you that you are a racist because you don’t sign up to their wokery.  The child did nothing wrong and gave a grown-up answer to a teacher who was determined to show that colours are different.  Are we not just humans? Human beings?  Take away the colour of our skin and we are all the same underneath, and this great kid could see this. 

I despair that such zealots and bandwagon jumping individuals are allowed anywhere near children. 

Whatever happened to respecting people for who they are and making friends because you like them, and they like you.  Why do these leftist permanently offended morons have to point out the colour of the skin? If the child did not see it then why pull him up about it? 

It is only racists who see a skin colour…whereas in the real planet….we just see people and well done the pupil for putting the idiot teacher in their place…

“It truly is just two people though, is it not?” the student replies.

After some discussion, the teacher berated the student, calling him “intentionally coy.” Then he told him what he should see – RACE!

The student had asked the teacher if he wanted him to say they were two different races and the teacher said he did.

“Well, at the end of the day, wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of just acknowledging them as two normal people?” the student asks.

“No, it’s not. Because you can’t not look at, you can’t look at the people and not acknowledge that there are racial differences,” the teacher says.

Always think of race first, before anything, in racist Loudon County schools (

Biden is weighing down the taxpayers to the tune of 15 years, and this is just the start…hope you have deep pockets people.

The first one on the list is Medicaid and it was a disaster because under Obama some people were paying more for this then their own mortgages and couldn’t afford to carry it on.  

Improper Payments and Eligibility

Tax dollars that are improperly spent on ineligible patients or wasted on non-medical spending is one notable problem with the Medicaid program. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) defines improper payments as “payments that did not meet statutory, regulatory, administrative, or other legally applicable requirements and may be overpayments or underpayments.” According to the GAO, nearly ten percent or $36.2 billion of federal Medicaid expenditures in 2018 was improperly spent. CMS estimates that improper payments in 2019 have skyrocketed to $57 billion, a 57 percent increase in just one year.

Furthermore, there appeared to be a concerted effort by the Obama administration to turn a blind eye to what was going on in state Medicaid programs following the beginning of Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. Dr. Aaron Yelowitz of the University of Kentucky and former Special Assistant to the Trump administration’s Economic Council explain:

The Obama administration did not perform Medicaid eligibility audits for fiscal years 2014-2017. Instead, it simply plugged the eligibility rate from the pre-Obamacare era into its improper payment calculations. This change would tend to hide any increases in improper enrollments that may have accompanied the implementation of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion. Indeed, other evidence suggests severe eligibility errors and problems accompanied the Medicaid expansion. As a result, the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 reports likely underestimate the true extent of Medicaid improper payments because they use pre-ObamaCare data to describe what was happening under ObamaCare.

Further spending…….

Now I am not knocking the fact that broadband needs to roll out to rural areas nor am I knocking the need to start modernising the United States of America and its infrastructure, but this is happening before they are giving out the cheques for those who are totally struggling with the economic fallout due to Covid.

The Biden administration is now putting up corporate tax from 21 to 28% and stating that this will create millions of jobs, but we all know that businesses will cut employment to cope with this 33% increase in costs and that rather than make millions of jobs it will cost millions.  It is strange as Donald Trump managed to create millions of jobs for more Hispanics, women, and black people and yet Orange Man Bad couldn’t do anything right as far as some of you were concerned, and by backing Biden there will be a cost to pay and this will be made payable over the next 15 years.  Yep, 15 years he has saddled the Americans with this debt and this will not be the last, and it is the young people of today who will have to take up their share of this payment and in a way the adults voting for Biden and Harris have saddled them with a debt that they did not run up. 

The White House has said that individuals and families earning less than $400,000 per year will not see their taxes increase under the president’s plans. However, analysts project that hiking the corporate rate would indirectly hit people under that threshold through higher utility bills and hits to retirement savings accounts.

  • Another $170 billion will go to electric car production. There will be some Solyndra-like failures as cronies get the contracts.  (The facts of this are listed below)
  • Biden also wants Congress to authorize $45 billion for eliminating all lead pipes and service lines (I got rid of my lead pipes and any improvement is a good one, but what are the areas they are doing it in)
  • $100 billion for expanding high-speed broadband to rural areas,
  • $100 billion for modernizing the U.S. electric grid,
  • and more than $200 billion to “produce, preserve, and retrofit” affordable housing with an eye toward energy efficiency and climate change. [Totally unnecessary and it will do nothing for the climate]. I.e. solar panels and who will be the friend to get these contracts?
  • The plan calls for expanded access to long-term care services under Medicaid, which the White House expects to open additional [union] job opportunities. (Medicaid rose considerably when Obama tried to do this and resulted in more people than ever not being able to afford it).  The only way to is to create what is the equivalent of our NHS and use the national insurance to pay for it.  That would be fair and free at the point of contact.  
  • Biden called on Congress to put $35 billion toward climate-related research and development, $50 billion into semiconductor manufacturing and research, and more than $50 billion to try to increase access to capital for domestic manufacturing.  Here’s what’s in Part I of about a five trillion dollar ‘infrastructure’ bill (
Here’s what’s in Part I of about a five trillion dollar ‘infrastructure’ bill

President Biden’s infrastructure plan to be rolled out today is only part I of about a five trillion dollar package. Part I is a $2.25 trillion boondoggle to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure of roads and bridges with billions going to retrofitting housing and transit in accordance with the bizarre Green New Deal and to provide reparations.

The Solyndra failure happened under the watch of Barak Obama and Joe Biden and it seems like he is going to carry on that failure:

Here are eight facts about the Barack Obama Solyndra scandal:

1. In 2009, the California-based green energy solar panel manufacturer Solyndra received a $535 million loan. The stimulus-funded loan, which was originally applied for in 2006 under the Bush Administration, was guaranteed by the Department of Energy.

2. While visiting Solyndra in May of 2010, President Barack Obama claimed Solyndra was “leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future.”

3. In August of 2011, The Washington Post reported that Solyndra shut down, “leaving 1,100 people out of work and taxpayers obligated for $535 million in federal loans.” According to Solyndra Chief Executive Brian Harrison, “Regulatory and policy uncertainties made it impossible to raise capital to quickly rescue the operation.”

4. The Solyndra controversy was elevated to a scandal when it was revealed that Office of Management and Budget officials felt pressured to approve the loan, despite an awareness of Solyndra’s financial instability. ABC News reported, “The deal later came under scrutiny from independent government watch dogs and members of Congress, which said the administration had bypassed key taxpayer protections in a rush to approve the funds — claims the administration has denied.”

5. Reporter Chris Good from The Atlantic wrote, “If White House officials handled taxpayer dollars irresponsibly for the sake of promoting Obama’s signature piece of legislation at the time, it would constitute a potential ethical lapse that resonates with criticisms against the stimulus and ballooning deficits.”

6. Questions about potential political motivations behind the special treatment of the Solyndra loan further fueled the green energy scandal. The Week reported, “The family foundation of billionaire George Kaiser, an Obama fundraiser, is one of Solyndra’s big investors. The GOP says that Team Obama interfered to speed up the loan approval, cutting short due diligence so that Vice President Joe Biden could announce the loan at the Sept. 4, 2009, groundbreaking of a new Solyndra factory being financed by that government cash.”

7. Newly appointed White House Ebola response coordinator Ron Klain was previously Joe Biden’s chief of staff. According to The Washington Post, Klain “dismissed auditor’s concerns about Solyndra’s solvency, reasoning that all innovative companies come with risk.”         

8. Thomas Pyle of U.S. News wrote an article on the issuance of new loan guarantees to additional green companies despite the Solyndra scandal. “Now here we are, $535 billion in wasted taxpayer dollars later, and it seems that the administration is intent on going full speed ahead. In fact, the president recently said in an interview that the Solyndra deal was ‘a good bet.’ Talk about a disconnect.”  

Solyndra Scandal: 8 Facts About Barack Obama’s Green Energy Company Controversy |

To put it into context the company involved was already having financial issues and were not financially healthy which should have sent out a huge red flag, but it didn’t, and it seems that Biden is going straight back into the Obama policies.  Obama was not kidding when he said that Biden was his plant to just to be the front face of the President and that Obama will be pulling the strings.    

In the midst of all of this, Obama hasn’t had positive things to say about his political puppet, Joe Biden. According to leaked conversations, Obama doesn’t think that Biden is mentally up to the task of being president. He also doesn’t care in the slightest, since Obama plans to be running the show from behind the scenes.  

Obama Privately Admits Biden is Barely Up for the Job, Pulling Strings Behind the Scene to Help Him – US Politics and News (

According to Politico, Obama told an unnamed Democrat during the 2020 primary campaign, in which he declined to endorse any candidate: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.” and folks he hit the ground running on that one. 

Obama Privately Admits Biden is Barely Up for the Job, Pulling Strings Behind the Scene to Help Him – US Politics and News

This election is shaping up to be a total sham. If you thought 2016 was bad, you might want to sit down. It turns out that the entire Democratic primary is really being masterminded by one man: former president Barack Obama. When you peel back the layers, you see that Biden is the perfect nominee […]
Image result for Biden and Obama. Size: 158 x 160. Source:

I hope as many Americans will read my blog as the Mainstream Media especially the likes of CNN are not telling you the truth and not holding Biden and Harris to account for failures.  This is going to be such a shock to the United States of America when they have gotten over their Trump derangement syndrome and look around and see just what a mess these two and Obama have made, and you will be the ones to pay for it as your taxes will be going up and the value of your dollar in your pocket going down as the projects they are going to start will not be seen to the end it never is, and all it will do as we have seen before is that a few well connected friends will get the financial payoff and the cost given to the many. 

This ISIS fanatic must learn a lesson….a life long lesson….blood of the innocent should never be washed off.

It seems that yet again the ISIS bride Shamima Begum is pleading for the United Kingdom to give her a second chance.  This is a resounding no as we cannot allow someone who had so little regard for life to be allowed back.  The miscarriage of justice here is that any of them were allowed back. We should have handed them over to the Kurds for immediate execution for their crimes.

Image result for shemema begum

We are constantly told that she was only 15 when she left and didn’t know what she was doing, yet in the next breath we are told to worship the alter of Greta Thunberg for being so wise in her young age when speaking about the Environment.  So, what is it to be?  We either use the Thunberg example and say she is old enough or dismiss it.  You cannot have both examples as one cancels each other out.

She voluntarily left to join this band of murderers, rapists, paedophiles, and the worst dregs of society after being enticed by videos, and by the way I don’t wear it that the police were supposed to stop her, what on earth happened to parent responsibility?  Her parent are responsible for this and is their failure to control their daughter and they are responsible for failing to stop her going.  It is certainly not the fault of the police, society, or anybody else.  It stops firmly with them.  If they are so adamant to be with their daughter, then the flight leaves every day and for once go and show some parental responsibility and sit in the tent with her.  Show her the parental control you failed to do when she just scootered off. 

It really makes my blood boil that the do gooders are constantly saying she is still a child.  I joined the Army at 17 because I wanted to do good and protect this country and in the Army at the age of 18 you go, and fight and she is therefore old enough to be made responsible for what she has done.  Can you imagine her wanting to come home if ISIS still ruled with their despotic madness in the Middle East?  Not a chance.  She would have lorded it up over the poor Yazidi and turned away with the coldness of a maniac when they were being murdered or sold in slavery and young women and children were sold as sex slaves.  She turned away when mothers, fathers and sons were murdered by her husband and their chums for being nothing else than old, male and Yazidi.  She turned away when gay men were thrown off the roofs to their deaths for nothing more than being true to themselves and wanting to find someone to love as this is the right of everyone, and I will always back the rights of the gay community and nobody has the right to murder them or even take away their rights because they are bigoted murdering monsters. 

Image result for yazidii victims of isis
Yazidi victims.Image result for yazidii victims of isis
Image result for yazidii victims of isis

She turned away with the coldness of a maniac when she saw young men being beheaded and this includes children.  There was the case of the Jordanian pilot burnt to death in a cage and I for one admire His Majesty King Abdullah for taking the fight to them, and doing so with a squadron of women because he knew that dying at the hands of a woman would prevent their entry into this so-called paradise.  Women took up the fight against evil yet Begum continued to back the very same monsters who were doing this, she backed the murderers, the rapists, the paedophiles, the abusers and the terrorists. 

Image result for Isis Horror

This brave man’s name was Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh and my his dear soul continue to rest in peace and give comfort to his family who are still suffering today, and this Begum…..nothing. She and her fellow monsters are responsible for this.

She picked her side, and this is called KARMA.  Wearing westernised clothes doesn’t wash as we know that bringing her back would result in a light jail sentence as our legal and justice system is left very much wanting and then it will be a new identity, a home and police protection which will cost us millions, and she will be protected from the very people who are her friends who will still try to blow up the likes of you and me in their terrorist attacks. 

She must be seen to pay the price as a warning to others and if I had my way, they would all be sent back and into the custody of the Kurds or given to the Yazidi people for real justice but bless them they are still too traumatised to do anything.  If you want to see a real victim then just google Yazidi victims at the hand of ISIS and I defy you to not to have tears in your eyes when you listen to the hell these people went through, and we are talking children as young as 3, 4 or 5 sold as sex slaves.  What sort of inhumane monster can still a back a group when they are raping children?

Only another monster as she doesn’t care about the victims, she only cares about herself and the victims to her are so easily dismissed because she didn’t care when it was happening and she doesn’t care now. She must be made to live everyday with the crimes of ISIS around her neck.

I am sorry she lost her 3 children, but this is due to her own selfishness and not mine, nor anyone else in the United Kingdom and certainly not the victims and what about those mothers whose children were murdered by her best mates or those children whose whole families were murdered?  They died because of the need of ISIS and its followers to rule by terror, and those are the people we should be mourning…the victims of her terror regime as she must own it as much as the fighters. 

See the source image

Image result for Yazidi Girls Auctions

Again, I repeat if ISIS had won, she would not want to come back but would have been on the internet with their appalling music choice glamourizing the murders, the rapes, the destruction, the terror and ultimately trying to get people to join her out there.  After all, if seeing a head in the bin didn’t give her any concern then she is as bad as them.  What sort of woman can see children terrorised, murdered, and raped?  What sort of woman can watch whilst women the same age as her mother or grandmother are being murdered because they are too old to be sold into sexual slavery?  Just what sort of woman can see all this and just dismiss it?  A rotten one that is who and she is rotten to the core. 

We must demand that she is kept out of this country and if the world was the right way up, she and all her mates would be handed to the Kurds for justice and all of them should be hanging from a rope somewhere and certainly not given access to legal aid which I and millions of taxpayers are paying for which is an insult, but she given the very thing her and monstrous mates denied so many….a legal system. ISIS were jury, judge and executioner and she went along with it….

We must only think of the victims and dismiss her.  After all, she is in her caliphate.  It is an Islamic country, and she should be happy.  We are happy she is not here and therefore everyone should be happy all round and there she stays as is it right that you and I must pay out more to keep her safe, whilst we have to dodge the very same people she backs?  Nope, and if she is left to starve in the desert and fade away in her own misery then I and millions of others will say….my sympathy level hit ZERO and justice will have been served.