The author of finding freedom …..yawn…uses the race card…yawn.

Or as we know it the worst book ever written, yet here we have Omid Scobie trying the race card.. yawn….to blast the next book coming out about the Sussex duo. A more truthful account than his really awful effort.

We know it was more to promote the Duchess of Untruths and Spin rather than her hypocritical husband….and it resulted in ridicule…..

Do you reckon Scobie already realises that unlike his book, this will be a best seller and not vomit inducing.

The book he helped write is not worth the 99p bargain basket as it really is awful, and nothing more than a spin project trying to promote the hypocrites formerly know as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and at least with this new book nothing will be hidden…and her life will be looked into like never before and she is worried….

Hopefully he includes the TWO former husbands and her yachting club days, after all the Sussexs were quite happy to throw The Cambridges under the bus, especially Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge for nothing more than spite and anger…. and what goes around comes around.

Still I guess Scobie is already getting the white pale stale man comment out because when you know you have no argument, you resort to stupid, unfounded racism…and let’s face it, it will have to bloody awful to run in competition of the most crass book like his really bad effort.

Save your money folks…DONT BUY FINDING FREEDOM….🤢🤢🤢🤢.

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