The stupidity of the Guardian Newspaper….

When it invites the Labour MP Jess Phillips to speak about the plight of women in today’s society especially regarding the sad death of Sarah Everard. I have never heard such stupidity especially inviting her as she herself compared the mass sexual assault of German Women by Migrant Men in Cologne on New years Eve in 2015 as nothing more than similar behavior seen in Birmingham every week. It doesn’t matter where it is it is not right and to have it so easily dismissed by Ms Phillips is absolutely disgusting, she is disgusting. There could have been murders that night only it was covered up by the German authorities and by the looks of things by the odd British MP who just downplayed the real fear and horror that women had to go through at the hands of migrants. We are talking sexual assault and rape here…but downplayed by Phillips.

Six weeks after the mass sex assaults on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, the number of reported incidents continues to rise and has now surpassed 1,000. Ulrich Bremer of the Cologne public prosecutor’s office told German daily Die Welt they had “so far received 1,054 complaints” from the night. Almost half of those (454) are for sexual assault, while a further 372 are reported thefts.

Cologne Police Have Now Received over 1,000 Complaints after New Year’s Eve Sex Assaults (

She suggested people should not be too quick to judge the North African and Middle Eastern migrants responsible for the Cologne attacks, saying people in Britain “should be careful in this country before we rest on our laurels when two women are murdered every week”. Way to go Jess downplay the victims in this assault because it does not suit your narrative.

The BBC reported the backlash against her remarks at the time, quoting members of the public including Harry Yorke who said comparing the Cologne migrant rape attacks to Birmingham’s bar-lined Broad street as “utter tripe and disingenuous”, and James Wilby who called it “quite insane”.

She told the audience: “A very similar situation to what happened in Cologne could be describing Broad Street in Birmingham every week, where women are baited and heckled.” But viewers took to social media to reject the comparison.

Chris Humphreys tweeted: “Did Jess Phillips just compare the apparent mass sexual assault in Cologne with Birmingham city centre? Oh dear oh dear.”

James Wilby said of the comments: “They are quite insane. And an example of a feminist hiding from reality.”

Harry Yorke said the comparison of the Cologne attacks to Broad Streets was “utter tripe and disingenuous”.

The comments also angered Mike Olley, who looks after Broad Street in his role as manager of the Westside Business Improvement District. He said: “It’s preposterous, ill-informed nonsense actually. It’s a throwaway line from someone who hasn’t got as much of a grasp as people – particularly myself – who work in the area.”

Mrs Phillips finished her statement on the programme by saying: “We have to attack what we perceive as being patriarchal culture coming into any culture that isn’t patriarchal and making sure we tell people not to be like that. Oh well that’s all it will take just telling them not to behave like that…….Is this mad woman for real?

Lets not forget that this is the same odious MP who threatened to stab Jeremy Corbyn not in the back but in the stomach and she did it quite openly in Parliament. My god how the standards of old where MPS had honour and decorum about them….they have dropped the standards by allowing this woman in. To easily dismiss the rapes and sexual assault of women regardless of where they come from is disgusting and allowing her to talk about anything related to this really is letting the lunatics run the asylum, as all she is doing is using it for a platform to spout her usual hatred whilst ignoring the plight of the real victims for her own political agenda and hatred.

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