Is Wolf Whistling a hate crime?

I am at that age where I don’t get them anymore sadly but I can remember in my youth getting my fair share of wolf whistles and thinking I look good….and of course their was the smiles and a flick of the hair whilst my ego went ding ding ding….

Now they are thinking of making wolf whistling a hate crime.

Dear lord have we sunk to such a depth of victimhood that a whistle can hurt someones fee fees. You will probably find that those who have never experienced one are behind this.

I am not saying that some do not find it offensive but the majority of women my age, above and below think that there is nothing more flattering than someone saying you look nice. The funny thing is they probably came from a building site from someone half the size of a house with the crack of his bum showing through, but it gave us women bragging rights for the whole day and of course that guys description has changed to the hottest man in town by the time we have finished.

As a young female in the Army and being one of the very few females in my unit I had my fair share of comments and even the RSM on parade told me at 17 that I had great child producing hips, or the joke of I was on charge because I did not get my Army jumper issued with those two lumps in it….yawn……now I didn’t feel that was out of line but rather just a comment and maybe I have skin like a rhino and just dismiss comments, but I certainly do go round feeling like I am a victim as I can give as good as I get.

This misogyny and creeping hatred of men will soon make them afraid to say anything and do we really want that? Do we really want wimps instead of men?

All police forces in England and Wales will have to record if violent crimes are driven by misogyny from Autumn. (Stock image)
(picture from Daily Mail)

I know that last week there was a terrible murder and my heart goes out to the parents but it was one man who is evil who did this and do we label all men as potential offenders, and the fact he was a police officer…do we label them as well? The First Welsh Minister Mark Drakeford it seems is mulling at the idea of a 6pm curfew to protect women from men but if you look closer to home his own son Jonathan is serving 8 years for raping a woman and trying to entice an underage child…she was 15 and he was snared by a paedophile hunting group….so I can understand him locking his son down at 6pm when he gets out, but do not judge everyone by the sewer standards of your son against those who are polite, respectful and who would never dream of doing anything to a woman.

By the way….women when they are together in a group are far worse than any group of males and we can be more vulgar too and it is like prey when we capture one…..and the comments get even more naughty when the drink flows.

I despair for the future of males in this country as it seems that they are becoming the hatred of every woke individual who takes feminism to a rabid degree. Of course those who target minors should begiven a police warning as even commenting to an underage child makes my skin crawl but we are already restricting the role of men as it is. Do we really want to make ourselves such weak victims and deem it that all men are offenders? I know I don’t.

As the mother of both a daughter and two sons I feel that my sons will suffer more as there seems to be an all out effort to destroy any kind of male free thought etc and this should not be allowed. I have actually been out with my youngest son and walking past a group of women and hearing their comments about him made me blush and it was raunchy, but he took no notice of it…. and that is what women should do but if we feel uncomfortable about what a man is doing and he is invading our personal space then obviously call a policeman but can we really justify wasting the police and court time because someone whistled at a pretty female?