Coat for Ms Sturgeon.

It seems that the time is up for Ms Sturgeon and we know it but she will refuse to accept it as it is about power for her.

Ms Sturgeon has misled the Scottish Parliament, the United Kingdom Parliament and the Committee looking into it and for that alone she should show some honour and resign…..but as stated she won’t. Below is the perfect analogy for it…..

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I watched that Committee Meeting and for a woman who is ruthless and even turning on her mentor, it was amazing how she did not remember things and even gave a birthday excuse and not only that but the SNP did not give the Committee Members all the details they asked for despite several requests for it. I wonder what the issue was with that? This was nothing more than a deliberate attempt to hide Ms Sturgeon, her husband and the senior people in the SNP involvement into the witch hunt on Alex Salmond.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not keen on either of them but Alex Salmond has been cleared in a court of law and for the purpose of the meeting and the newspapers he is an innocent man, but again his former friend could not resist getting a dig in. She in a way stated that she didn’t care about the ruling as she knew otherwise and I hope Mr Salmond when the Committee produces its finding that he not only sues her but also her husband. The text messages when he actively encouraged SNP members to hound the police and make it more uncomfortable for Mr Salmond is outrageous, and he should be investigated by the police for an attempt to mislead and potentially pervert the course of justice.

The treatment of Alex Salmond by his former friend was always about power….hers and when you become drunk on your own power remember that there is a hangover to wake up to and this is hers, and now she must pay the piper.

The polls North of the Border show that there is now a majority for staying in the United Kingdom and this is because of the behaviour of both the EU with the vaccine, the British Government and their ability to produce trade deals and of course people want some of that, and Ms Sturgeon and her dreadful legacy which will include failing schools, failing NHS and a debt that is rising higher and higher despite the Barnett Formula where Scotland actually gets more money than any else per head.

Ms Sturgeon is an inept first minister and for a Committee to say that she has misled shows that she is now unfit to act in the best interest of Scotland. I know people will say it was 4 against but the against was the SNP MPs and it was always going to be that they would try to clear Ms Sturgeon, after all they would have been under orders to do so no doubt. The fact is that a majority has in effect said she lied to the Committee and the various Parliaments and she cannot be trusted.

The constant push for independence is nothing more than her ego trip as she wants to be the first President of Scotland and there is her hatred of everything English. I cannot understand anyone who says we want the freedom from the Union and then go and sign up with the most anti-democratic entity in the shape of the EU. It is her ambition and nothing more.

The treatment of Alex Salmond was nothing more than despicable and Sturgeon needs to fall on her sword but then we are talking Ms Sturgeon here and she won’t because she does not want to let go of the power, nor the ability to bore us rigid with her daily lectures on the TV.

When confronted last night she looked really annoyed and that is only because she has been found out. Don’t get me wrong I am no fan of Alex Salmond either but at least his cry for independence was always polite and not based on a hatred for the English but Ms Sturgeon is.

Arriving at her home following the report’s leak, Ms Sturgeon said she stood by her eight hours of testimony. She said: ‘What’s been clear is that opposition members of this committee made their minds up about me before I uttered a single word of evidence – their public comments make that clear. So this partisan leak tonight before they’ve finalised the report is not that surprising.’ 

She further states that she is waiting for report into the Alex Salmond affair and no doubt if it comes out in her favour of course she will accept that, and that is because she cannot stand being criticised and shown for what she is…. a failure.

A successful judicial review by Mr Salmond resulted in the investigation being ruled unlawful and \'tainted by apparent bias\', with a \u00A3512,250 payout being awarded to him for legal fees
Alex Salmond at the committee meeting after being awarded over £500,000 in legal fees against the SNP.

Lets not forget here that Ms Sturgeon knowingly dismissed a legal argument stating that she could not win the case against him but she ignored it because Nichola always thinks she knows best. That ignoring cost another £100,000 and no minutes being taken. How fortunate for her….that she managed to not have any minutes made for a meeting that would ultimately cost the tax payer.

Nicola Sturgeon (pictured during FMQs on Thursday) misled the Scottish Parliament over her handling of harassment claims against Alex Salmond, an inquiry has concluded
Nichola Sturgeon

Alex Salmond now needs to get his supporters in the SNP and get them to back a motion to remove her from power as until this happens she will carry on driving the economy of Scotland into the ground for her own benefit, and also in a way I feel a bit sorry for Alex Salmond as he thought he was handing over power to his friend….seems she is not his friend and determined to ruin him to make sure he did not come back to power to try and threaten her power. With friends like that…who needs enemies.

She has misled, twisted the knife in, deliberately with-held information, used taxpayers money as her own piggy bank and with her husband and advisers tried to pressure the police into hounding Alex Salmond and for all that she has to go. It is no longer about the referendum but the story is now Sturgeon herself and she is no longer fit to be First Minister and we know she won’t go so she must be made to leave.

Labour’s Jackie Baillie launched a blistering take-down of her failure to provide critical records of meetings and asked why no senior Government figures had resigned for the botched 2018 investigation into Mr Salmond. This is probably one of the first times I actually agree with a Labour MP….and I hope she and the others keep up the pressure and force the First Minister to go as it looks bad on the Parliament and bad on Scotland.

Labour\'s Jackie Baillie launched a blistering take-down of her failure to provide critical records of meetings and asked why no senior Government figures had resigned for the botched 2018 investigation into Mr Salmond

Coat for Ms Sturgeon and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!!

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