How bad is Biden?

You have to ask the question just how bad is Biden and is he really fit to be the President?

Whilst setting out his OWN tax policy yesterday he had to have “cheat sheets” as he simply could not remember it and that is rather worrying for the American public I think, because if he cannot remember it properly how on earth is it supposed to rolled out?

Joe Biden in Wednesday's interview brandished his notes on which he had his tax policy

Joe Biden during his interview on Wednesday made absolutely no effort to hide the remembering sheets he needed, and that is rather a worrying prospect for any American.

Now in the United Kingdom we had the standard joke that Diane Abbott couldn’t do maths and remember things and she turned out to be a total disaster in any interview, but at least she actually gave them and to her credit she did give a lot. 65 days in and still no press conference with the President of the United States….what are they trying to hide?

We know what they are trying to hide and that is the President is on the slope down to senility and he cannot answer questions without this showing up and those in his cabinet know that this will create division and unrest, as well as make him and them look weak. on the world stage

He forgets his own peoples names and quite often forgets why he is even at a place making a speech and we know that this is nothing more than a shell of a President, and who when the time is right will be packed off to a retirement home for former Presidents and in steps Kamala Harris…..what a horrible thought.

As much as people criticise Donald Trump that man is as sharp as a tack and he knew to answer the questions and quite often stood out in front of the cameras batting off the questions and he did so without notes. He also didn’t wait this long to give a press conference and actually did it in half the time….so what are they hiding from the American Public with silencing the President?

It is because they do not want to show the American population that they have voted in a weak man and that in reality he cannot hold a press conference never mind be the supposed most powerful man in the world. That is no longer the title held by the American President.

He is causing consternation with the Russian President and forgets that when he is talking to Putin he is a head of state and that when you insult him, you are in effect insulting the Russian people but I don’t believe he actually realises this and he is sleep walking the American public into a war. This Democratic President will drag the USA into a war because he has no idea of how to do diplomacy.

Take 6 years ago when he was celebrating St Patricks Day and insulted the Royalists by saying no one supporting orange would be allowed in…..and that is only one of his series of gaffes and it is not very diplomatic, but people just say oh sleepy old Joe but this sleepy old Joe has his fingers on the nuclear button and that is a very scary thought.

North Korea has started testing their missiles again due to USA officials arriving in South Korea and they are in a war of words with Iran and bombing Syria. It seems that sleepy Joe is determined to cause a war in his muddled state and it will be the sons of the American public who will suffer, not his as his is too old and there will be no danger of his son going to war but then do you think he will actually care as it seems that a Democrat gets into power they are hell bent on creating a war too look tough. Yet, the woke brigade seemed to scream that of Donald Trump who actually only took out one bad guy and who was one of the few Presidents to actually avert any war and yet some Americans still hate him for it. Misguided loyalty is given to this President that will cause the deaths of American servicemen and women.

I know I don’t have a crystal ball nor am I able to see into the future but it looks like before the year out that Sleepy Joe will create a war and the sons and daughters of the voters will be the ones to pay and is that a price worth paying? As a parent I would say no but they wanted Orangeman Bad out so much because his straight talking offended the permanently offended that they voted in a wholly incompetent man and America will feel its impact within the next 12 months, as Biden cannot handle the press, the questions and nor can he handle being a diplomatic President.

The future is not bright for the United States of America.

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