This is no different from Germany of the 30s, or North Korea of today.

The SNP are going to encourage those in the home to report conversations they deem offensive. This is a total abuse of power, and the Nazis encouraged people to report those who spoke ill of the Government or the rules it had put in by people in their own home. It definitely sounds familiar to the SNP Plan.

Are we seeing the rise of the 4th Reich in Scotland? Sturgeon wants to control your every waking thought and movement as how creeping is it then you cannot speak your mind in your own home, for fear of the thought Police turning up. It could well cause family disruptions but she doesn’t care about that. She has narrative and is control freak.

Well done Scotland for voting this woman and her bat crap crazy ideas in and one where it will cost you your freedom.

Expect re-education camps to be set up soon….to “teach” those with their own thought the error of their ways.

Step number 1 from the Despots guide for idiots….restrict the freedom of speech and thought, and when you have done that….the rest of your complete takeover plan gets easier.

Scotland twinned with North Korea, and the way things are going can we expect a state visit by Kim Jong Un shortly.

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