To Manchester University…its call Mothering Sunday.

I held my head in my hands reading this and thought where do they get these people from? I thought the Universities were supposed to bring out the brightest of people but are they actually letting the brightest teach? As from where I stand it doesn’t seem so…..

According to the University of Manchester they are getting rid of words such as:

Mother, father, OAP, youngsters and mature workforce. Ok I thought….so what are they replacing it with??

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It seems in their wisdom and I use this statement very lightly they have decided that it is not Mothers Day but Guardians Day. From now on gender-neutral terms are in vogue in Manchester, which means that ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are no longer appropriate for use in university materials, and they are to be replaced by ‘individuals’ and ‘guardians’.

These people who are supposed to teach our next generation and I do feel sorry for when they hit reality to see that it is not the reality of wokeism are determined to exclude the norm, and that their look on the world is not normal…guess the psychiatrists will get a field day then. I cannot get over how crazy those who are supposed to be the brightest are and it is scary that these some of these people are let anywhere near a young persons brain.

I am with Nigel Farage and his quest to get of this ridiculous woke or cancel culture as they are trying to attack the very core of a family. I am a mother and it is quite right for it to be MOTHER’S day and for someone to say otherwise is ridiculous, and I can only guess they don’t have children as Mothering Sunday is one day a year where our children show us what they think of us, and where people like me show my mother how loved she is and to take that is just downright cruel.

They want to deny us our rights and if is this stupidity is allowed to go on then they will want us to give up everything we hold so dear. I do not understand why the majority is pandering to the minority and it is about time we stood up and told these crazy people no.

Keep saying no and keep fighting back as this “new world” that is being built around us is a dark, creeping, stifling one as the SNP are declaring it a hate crime now for you say something in your home….it is creeping and pretty soon we will be told what to think, what to wear, what to say and how we live and boom George Orwell’s 1984.

To allow the crazies to destroy the very core of what we love then we lose who we are as a family. I am not a bloody guardian but a mother, and thankfully my children and grandchildren are going to celebrate Mothering Sunday with e and my mother and I hope the woke choke on the fact that millions will celebrate it too.

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