The cowardice of ITV…

Spend £1 million for a 2 hour pass the sick bucket interview…. from 2 spoilt brats, then sack a man for calling them out….by the way on an interview you actually have to question things. I have to call out Oprah as it was appalling…amauterish from beginning to end. From that really awful programme you have to ask yourself do Americans settle for such bad programming?

ITV then lost £200 million in the process and 5% dip in the shares, and for good measure the BBC ….the woke carrying channel gained 200,000 more viewers. Why anyone should go to listen to their deluge of bilge is beyond me.. Piers Morgan like or loathe him took a struggling tv programme and turned it round….let’s have a guess how long it is before struggling…6 months is my guess.

Way to go ITV….and may I suggest if you want real unbiased journalism…go to Aljazzera….as for me they discuss it across the board and have experts in……you know like a true journalistic channel should do.

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