How do people like this get into the Lords??

I thought I had heard everything from the world’s most expensive OAP club but this takes the biscuit and am absolutely convinced it is time to drain the swamp there.

Baroness Jones made the comment in a discussion in the House of Lords during a debate on domestic violence
Baroness Jones of the Green Party.

When discussing domestic violence in the Lords this barking mad woman said she is mindful of putting in an amendment to the domestic violence bill forcing a 6pm curfew on males, and to come up with this most outrageous comment is a slur on the males in this country and for that she should be sacked.

This was during a discussion on the murder of Sarah Everard who was brutality murdered by a police officer, and for the parents I am really sorry as to lose your child in these circumstances must feel like the end of the world and I hope the MSM gives them the room they so desperately need to grieve.

She states that this 6pm curfew for all men is needed to reduce the violence and discrimination that is committed on our streets, but how dare she blame all men for something one perverted police officer did. As a mother of two grown up sons I am angry with rage that this woman from the safety of the Lords is able to condemn all men because it suits her narrative.

My husbands my sons, my son in law, brothers and all male friends are some of the politest people you could meet and they would rush to the aid of anyone because that is what decent people do, and to paint them as potential violent abusers because of their sex says more for her twisted mind than it does for anything else. There are male victims of domestic violence who have suffered the worst abuse you can imagine and there are male victims who have died at the hands of females and for this stupid woman to come out with its just men is ill informed and down right offensive and that is why she is not fit to sit in the Lords.

She is tarring every men by being the Judge, Jury and Executioner and she should be made to apologise to all the men of this country who she has condemned with her words, and what is shows glaringly is that she has no idea of life outside of the walls of Westminster Palace and that is dangerous, she is dangerous.

She making an assumption with no facts, no data to back it up and yet she condemns all men. This narrative could actually lead to some men being accused of all sorts because you know their are people who out there who will take any que and make up a story and she did not take that into account, nor has she taken into account that because of her stupid, backward intervention that men who are abused could be afraid to come forward for not being believed and also because of people like her. She is a menace to all those who are suffering as remember abuse and murder is not committed just at the hands of men but women also.

To add insult to injury we have to pay for this woman with our taxes whilst she pontificates the biggest load rubbish I have ever heard.

So on behalf of mothers of sons everywhere in the United Kingdom it goes to show that we have yet another politician who is out of her depth, and who in typical political woke speech blames one group with no real proof, and it is nothing more than a sexist bait by someone who is not fit to be in the Lords. Mind you the Lords are not fit full stop and should be removed. Sadly with Baroness Jones it shows that you cannot educate pork.