Why it does not add up……

Just for those who quickly believed the Sussex’s, let us have a look at the things both of them stated as we know we cannot get to the bottom of this narrative of a supposed racist Royal until they name the person, and to speculate is doing nothing more than take part in the very same unfair witch hunt the Sussex’s say they were victims of, and we know they will not as it is a lawsuit that Sussex’s cannot afford and the damage to their branding would be beyond repair if it came out that they were telling an untruth, although I think in the United Kingdom their branding is in the bin already. 

First of all, the so-called wedding 3 days before.  Protestant  doctrines state that no wedding can take place unless it is in a church or a designated place by law and there is no way the Archbishop of Canterbury can suddenly decide the back garden of Frogmore is suitable as he has to ask the Queen first as it is land owned by the Monarch, and as his boss as let’s not forget she is the Head of the Church of England he would have had to ask as a matter of doctrine and legality for her permission and she would never have allowed that, and that without witnesses the marriage is not legal….so stating they got married 3 days before….busted.

 If the Palace took away her passport how did she go to the States for her awfully expensive baby shower in a private capacity?  Only the Queen can travel without one as Head of State, even the Prince of Wales has to have one and the Queen’s husband, as well as the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge…and the wife of the 6th in line to the throne is not put on the same level as the Queen for overseas travel…so busted again

When the Duchess stated with the tears in her eyes that Archie would not get a title because of his colour…busted as under letters Patent by George V over a hundred years ago, only the children of a monarch will become HRH and their children, hence the York’s titles etc.  When there are great grandchildren of a monarch only those who are in direct line to the throne will be HRH…and the Queen changed it only because she did not want the 2nd and 3rd children of a King in waiting to have the title of Lord and Lady as they are in direct line to the throne as it stands.  When Charles is King then Archie will have the HRH title by right as a grandchild of the Monarch and again where is the racism in that? 

Why were they not asked why they had set up a Sussex Royal Foundation website patenting everything from tea towels and pens to night clothes  This sort of thing does not happen overnight but take months of planning behind the very back of the people they are supposed to represent.  Where were the real journalistic questions and the challenges to the things they said? 

There were none as we knew that Oprah would not question them out on it as to call it an interview where she is quite often lauded as the one of the world’s best interviewers…not what I saw.  How disappointing as any first-year journalist would have questioned them, and it was nothing than a narrative to paint them as the victims and of course for Oprah to make millions more, as she is the only person to come out of this with an incredibly happy bank account.   They need to go up against Andrew Neil and he is happy to do it and let some real journalism take place not the woke put up job to trash the Royal Family.

Let us call this what it was an absolute baseless whinge fest by two over privileged adults who had spat out their dummies, and who had decided if they were not going to be the stars of the monarchy, then no one was and shame on Harry as he is what he is because of who his grandmother is and his allegiance as a Prince of the Realm, and as sworn in allegiance like so many of us did was to his grandmother as Queen.  I can get it that he wanted a different life (but won’t give back those titles from this supposed racist family and racist country)  but to trash the very family, the very system, the very country, and the very Monarch who made you what you were is an unbelievable betrayal and let us step back and wonder how his grandmother, grandfather, father, brother, and sister-in-law feel, as are they not human too?  The Duchess seems to leave broken families in her wake and broken hearted former husbands and all this whilst she wallows in her self-pity as a victim but let us put the shoe on the other foot here, the real victim here is the Queen and her family as they have been bad mouthed and disrespected by a social climber and a very weak grandson who without them would be nothing.  Shame on them and especially shame on Harry.

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