Her Majesty deserves better….

I do not know whether this will make me popular or unpopular and I will probably be hounded with the usual abuse from the Markle Sugars but the lies and the spin coming out of The Sussex’s with the Oprah interview was breath taking, and never in my life have I ever heard of someone with such a need to be seen to be a victim as much as those two.   

Remember that whilst the trashing of the family was being done by her grandson and his wife, the 94-year-old Queen is without her 99-year-old husband who is recovering from heart surgery, and who is still very unwell some 3 weeks later, but that did not matter and who via her friends the Duchess said, “that’s it’s not about him”.  See compassion in every step.  Also, remember that the Duchess has done no more than a year in the family really as she went on maternity leave and bolted as no doubt she had always planned to do as the British Citizenship application never materalised.

Remember in the beginning before we even knew he had a girlfriend we get the press release from Harry that the papers were committing racism against his girlfriend and we thought who??? Then we found out who Meghan Markle was….and I have looked and looked and looked and not one MSM has said anything about her colour as it was not an issue, it never has been.  I know you get the usual race baiters who say it is but where is the proof?  I am not saying there are not lowlife as I myself have the vilest anti-Semitic comments sent but where in the media was it stated negatively about her colour?   Where is this institutionalised racism they are shouting about?   You will not find any as there is none but that does not suit their or her narrative.

Life has moved on since the Princes of the Realm had to marry women from other Royal families and it was lauded as showing how the Royal Family were welcoming of this American Woman with a black mother and a white father.  

We were told from the beginning that she was a strong woman, who had campaigned for women’s rights and who had fought her way to stardom in Hollywood.  Well first thing, she is not a Hollywood actress but an actress on a TV cable show that had come to an end, and she stated herself that she was in the United Kingdom looking for a rich man and boy did she bag one.    

We read her Tig site and on it was page after page full of love for her father, and this was the father who had paid for everything in her life and had given his little princess everything her heart had desired.  Then she meets another person who had had everything paid for in his life by us and who has never been told no, never refused the entrance to the best of clubs and the best of education, and who has servants to do his whim and bidding, and exams too it seems but let us not forget that he has been given everything because of who he is and who his Grandmother is and that has been his whole life.  He has been indulged because of the family he belongs too….and then they get together.

In effect two adult children who were tantrum throwers at the best of times, but I digress…

After all this is a woman who has been married twice before and she was not a young woman and the engagement interview of “I didn’t know who he was” oh please pull the other one.  She has been obsessed with the whole family for years and all she wanted to know was “is he kind”.  Pass the bucket as no one hunting a rich husband would say that…. the £ signs would be turning over in the brain….

We then had the Royal Wedding which cost the taxpayers over £35 million pounds for what was her 3RD wedding as she had had one annulled and dispatched of the second one by posting his rings back.  This second husband being the one had opened the doors of her career for her and when she became this cable tv actress, she no longer had any need for him.  I guess it could be a case of wanting different lives but why live together for 7 years and only marry for 2.  Think husband number 2 is a lot happier now.

We were then treated to all the information about the 2nd wedding and how they were happy to dish out weed and drugs for those there as happy bag and stated her dad was not there…. but we find out oh yes, he was but it did not suit the victim narrative …. yet still the papers said extraordinarily little as Harry was happy and we were happy he was.

So, the wedding day arrived, and the country was incredibly happy for the youngest son of Diana as he had found his partner and then there was the array of stars that were invited and later, we find out that not one of them knew her personally.  Infact Ms Winfrey had met the Duchess only once and that was for an interview which quite rightly it was turned down, but the seeds were set, and there was no way this cable tv actress was going to miss the chance to go global, but back to that later.

The only people who were not there was the actual friends of Prince Harry, his lifelong friends were not allowed to the evening because it did not suit the narrative that his wife was preparing and it must have hurt to have been left out because the likes of the Clooney’s were there, again old George dropped the clanger when he said that they barely knew them when he got invited.  So, it seems the taxpayers were paying for nothing more than an audition for the Duchess on her wedding day as who invites total strangers to their wedding, and leaves off the best friends of her husband?  A controlling one……with an agenda.

Then, we get the lecturing about the environment and there was Harry wondering bare foot on a beach with other rich people who had also turned up in private jets, and then taken in gas guzzling cars to the venue.  Oh, says Harry someone paid for the carbon offset but that does not make it right…. his carbon footprint at this stage was much higher than any mere mortal.

We get to watch in disbelief his wife across the Atlantic having flown there yet again in a private jet, (do not forget the lecturing on the environment) for a baby shower costing over £350k, whilst still peddling the narrative about the poor but the used flowers were given away…how kind. 

There is the disrespect and total lack of respect by Harry to the President of the United States, by his scowling at the President just because his wife did not like him…Harry doing as he told and it does not matter who it was, he was there on behalf of his nation and needed to behave as this should be their bread and butter, but I think this man child is quite incapable of even doing that.

The baby arrives and the country is happy as the child is healthy and so is mother, and then the childish attitude of both the Sussex’s start.  We are told she is in labour when she has infact had the baby, then we get a bit of a foot with a black and white photo as standing on the steps of a hospital was not for her…. she is a star, the carefully controlled press interview with the baby and cameras kept at a distance and to top it all off…. the state secret of who the godparents are.

Now, at that point we were paying for their privilege and William knows that and he knew that the country needs to see Royal babies, and that is why he and his wife stood there showing off a future King and those who are in the line.  I am sure that nobody wants to stand there fully made up after having a baby but this is the price they must pay for their luxury.  We got to see the full list of the godparents of a King in waiting and the photo of them and all the siblings too, and what the Sussex’s forget is that they are not important as it is the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and then Prince Louis, and trailing behind is Harry and who will in the next 20 years probably drop further down the list when the Cambridge children have children.

We are also told that the Sussex’s did not want their son to have a title despite it being offered as they wanted him to grow up having a normal life, but now we hear because it suits her narrative that this did not happen because of his skin colour. Oh please what rubbish, even the actual son of a monarch Prince Edward does not have a HRH title for his children nor Princess Anne, they dont have any.  Infact Letters Patent from George V states that it would be the children of the monarch only, and the eldest son of the future King but the Queen realising that Prince George would be a King in waiting gave William’s children HRH, but no others have.  You do not hear Eugenie whinging nor Zara but of course Meghan does not want to hear that, and they are actual Princesses, but they accept the situation and the rules within the monarchy.  I guess if it does not go her way then it is racism.   

We all know that she was not happy at having to come behind the Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge and the temper tantrum throwing because she had to come behind the Queen was unbelievable and well documented.  After all her argument was that she is a star…. well sweet cheeks…. the Queen is a star you were just a cable star with no contract who happened to strike it lucky, but the Monarch is always the biggest attraction as it should be.

Then we have the Disney appearance where Harry who supposedly loved the Military did not even bother to reply until too late that he would not be appearing at a memorial service for those marines killed in the Deal bombing, despite being the Captain General and what did he do instead…. became his wife’s manager and began touting her for business with Disney.  After all, as he said…that is what we have come for.  The outrage was quite right…. he and she were there on behalf of the Crown and they should have been at Deal instead but that would not have gotten his wife a star part.

The antics of going on holiday to Elton John’s house despite an invite from the Queen to Balmoral.  The excuse young Archie was too young to go that far but they managed a private jet to Elton’s and then he says they off set the carbon…. what again!!!  4 private jets in 11 days but somebody flashes the cash and its ok, despite putting the carbon out there.  He states for security reasons he has to do that but then the King in Waiting and his wife and children take a passenger plane to Scotland.

Harry and Meghan have been outspoken on environmental issues in recent months despite still travelling by private jet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s private jet

The Cessna Sovereign Plane.  Make of the plane: Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign.  Top speed: 592 mph.  Menu: Anything you want.  Number of seats: 12

Other amenities: Plush seats, huge bathrooms, personal television monitors and LED lighting with a dimmer switch.  Price for their flight: Around £20,000 

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s budget plane

Make of the plane: Part of the ERJ series popular with budget airlines.  Top speed: 598 mph.  Menu: Any pastry and a hot drink for £4.  Number of seats: 44

Other amenities: Every passenger has a window or aisle seat and there is roomy overhead locker space.   Price for their flight: £365

 It comes as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have found themselves embroiled in a hypocrisy row after being pictured leaving the south of France on Saturday, their fourth trip by private jet.   Harry and Meghan, who have been outspoken on environmental issues in recent months, generated an estimated seven times the emissions per person compared to a commercial flight when flying home from Nice.  Prince William and Kate Middleton seen getting off budget flight to Scotland (twnews.co.uk)

The flouncing off to Canada where the poor people of Canada were forced to pay for their security, and where they wanted to keep their patronages as they both know that the only thing they can sell is their access to the family and the title.  Well, the Canadians were not having it and this publicity shy couple who were desperate for a privacy that they could not get in the United Kingdom, set out for Los Angeles and into that area where all the other rich and powerful people live and smack bang in the centre of paparazzi central.

The drip drip drip of this publicity shy couple and their endless whinging going on and on and even selling how unhappy he is to a room full of bankers for the tune of £750,000.  Of course, he had to talk about his mother and the inner secrets of the Royal family…this couple who wanted no publicity was talking openly for the grubby subject of money.

Then the book…. I read it….it is awful, and my 9-year-old grandson could have written better.  It was full of the usual salad words that she and he have now become synonymous with and the title “finding freedom” …. did they actually think they were the same as Nelson Mandela who was locked away on Robin Island for 27 years?  Do they view themselves as prisoners to a family who had given them everything?  How tiring to have been given access to palaces, to jewels, to first class travel, to people doing everything for you, to never worry about whether you can afford a house, the best of private medical care, everyone at your fingertips, the finest food. How absolutely awful that for all this luxury, you only had to turn up for a wet day in in Wigan to visit a school.  It must have been dreadful for her poor lamb.

We have the turnover of staff which number 9 in 18 months and where the Sussex’s lawyers have said that it is untrue and must not be believed, what are all these women on International Woman’s day lying?  Yet the Duchess is not lying and we must believe her because she says so.  Not much in solidarity with women, is she? 

The saga of the blood diamonds and the Duchess is photographed wearing £500,000 earrings from The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia some 3 weeks after the murder of the Journalist Khashoggi. The word from the Duchess at the time on a visit to Fiji was that they were borrowed but now comes out the truth and that she did not mean to mislead.  Well, it is not misleading it is a lie and even if she did not and I highly doubt that she did not know…. about Khashoggi …. She does know about the lack of women’s rights for those women in Saudi Arabia.  So, this woman who has by her own words has worked tirelessly for the rights of women wears diamonds from the very family who hold it back.  Now I do not know about you but the hypocritical level hits 10…but then the lure of those diamonds in her fingers was all she needed comfort in.

The Oprah interview was nothing more than a whinge fest by two adults who have done nothing more than spit their dummies out.  Oh, says Harry I was cut off financially, but he did have £30 million plus in his pocket, now I do not know about you but if my parents had said to me stand on your own feet with those millions in your pocket, I would have been happy, but we have a man child who has never had to pay out of his own money, and who still expected the weary tax payers to pay for his comfortable life and security.  Being told no must have been a total shock, and this is the outburst.  A temper tantrum.

We hear again and again that they are trying save the environment in their 9 bedroomed, 16-bathroom mansion for 3 of them.  Yep, that is saving the environment 1 bathroom at a time along with the gas guzzling car they drive and still they come out with their salad garbage of helping the poor…. well, the only helping they have done is to help themselves and being kind.  Well, they are certainly not following their own advice, are they?

Nothing says you are struggling like a mansion.

So now the Oprah interview where an unnamed person asked them what the colour of skin their child would be, but Harry who has given every detail of his life to the paying press won’t reveal it and never will.  I should imagine that if this was real his wife would have told the whole world as a true victim but they can’t as it is not true.  They cannot accuse anyone because of fear for getting sued for lying and the minute you come out with I won’t name them….then you know it is just another lie on top of another one.  

He states he had to get out because he feared history would repeat itself.  Well, I am very sorry his mother died after getting into a car without a seatbelt and drunk driver but he forgets that he has a brother who has lived through the same thing as he did, and he does not endlessly whinge about it.  My own mother lost her mother at the age of 5 years old and there were no palaces, luxuries, servants and the best of everything for her or indeed for the thousands of other children who lose their mother but a life of hard work ahead of them, as they are not given everything on a platter for them, and from those who have there is no whinging but just to get on with things.  

Meghan says the Duchess of Cambridge made her cry.  She could name what happened nor when but she says the Duchess made it up to her….well again another untruth.  We know that it was the other way round as Meghan sent her flowers to apologise.  Then we have the outbursts of Harry “what Meghan wants Meghan gets”…..but the Duchess snidely says I am sure she wont mind this being mentioned. Whilst smiling smugly at the camera knowing she was throwing her sister in law under the bus.

Shock they were married 3 days before the “spectacle” as she calls it.  Well if so the Archbishop of Canterbury is in deep trouble as he has to answer to his boss and that is the Queen.  So, again we have the Sussex’s dropping someone in it and they state there was just the two of them and the Archbishop…..another lie as no wedding can take place in an unlicenced place without witnesses, and there would not be a chance the Archbishop would marry them without the ok of the Queen, but lets say the lie is believed then I certainly want the taxpayers money back that it cost for their wedding.

Harry tells us again and again that he suffers with mental health and no it would not be upto the staff to arrange for his wife to see anyone but rather him and if his wife did not tell him then she should have done….yet she now tells the rest of the world.  Why did the Duchess not access the people who head up their mental health charities?  These are not children we are talking about she is now a 40 year old woman and he is heading to his 40s.  Why could she or he not make an appointment and get help themselves first with the very expensive private doctors they have and who are at the beck and call of the Royal family? 

All they have done and what I am disgusted with is trash the Queen as Harry is stating his grandmother was too busy to see him.  Well, he of all people should have known that as the Monarch her time is not her own and for almost the last 70 years she has served this country faithfully and has never complained, and I am sure there were times she got fed up but she dedicated herself to this country and she has not let us down.

It sneaks out that it wasn’t the Queen or Prince Phillip who made the remark about the colour of the babies skin but they won’t say who, but it leaves only his father, his step mother, his brother or his sister in law and he has gladly thrown them under the bus for her narrative, and that is to be nothing more than the Patron Saint of Victims because in her head she has always been a victim.  He  comments that a person not named told him that Britain was racist…..yet another comment with no actual real proof to back it up. We always knew she was going to weaponize this as an argument as it really is nothing without it, but shame on Harry but then again isn’t this the same Harry who called people “rag heads, and p***’s” at Sandhurst and by the way you would have been fired for doing that,  lets not forget he tipped up at a party in a SS costume.  You don’t need advisers to tell you that it is offensive, but its not offensive when he does it, but it is when they perceive others have done it him!

If the Crown had a problem with Harry marrying someone of colour then there would have been no wedding, certainly not throwing the gates of the palaces open.  She moaned that Windsor Castle was not made availabe for her or Harry.  It seems she had wanted Harry to get the Queen to give them a wing but this would have been for nothing more than a show.  She would have invited all the world of stars to her “pad” for show and It is all about what she wants and Harry swore an oath of allegiance as did I to the Queen and her heirs and he has thrown his family under the bus, and when he threw his family under a bus he has trashed this country too.

When they brought up the subject of saying they were asked about the colour of the baby Meghan stated it was when she was into the pregnancy, yet Harry said it was before the wedding.  They cannot even get their own lies to match and that is all this was.  It was a whinge and lie fest from beginning to end.

This will not end well for the Sussex’s as there are demands and I am in agreement that they must be stripped of the title as to call the Monarch and this country and the MSM racists is outrageous, and why would they want a title from this racist country anyway?  Let them be Mr and Mrs Markle and give them the privacy they want as we are desparate for them to have it.

He must also be stripped of his line in the throne as should anything happen to Charles and William, he would be regent to George and him and his wife acting as Heads of State is definitely unsuitable and would bring about a republic quicker than you can count to 3. There is that sneaky feeling that if they can’t be King and Queen…then no one will…hence these lies.

They are over privileged and for a grown man to say oh daddy cut me off financially…..is he for real?  He needs to grow up and stop acting like the spoilt brat he is. You only have to look and see she has turned her back on her father and yes it was wrong that he sold his pictures, but I honestly believe she was never going to invite him to the wedding, after all he is an overweight old white man and she couldn’t have that narrative going out to the world and she has crushed him.  We hear endlessly about compassion coming from them but where is the compassion for an old man who only lives 70 miles away.  Harry has not yet met his father in law and Thomas has not met his grandson.  Harry could have jumped on a private jet as he likes to do that all the time, as lets not forget he took a private jet to fly 80 miles and with a photographer to have pictures of him placing a wreath down after stating again that he was hurt not having one.  Forgetting that when a wreath is laid it is on behalf of the unit he represents and Colonelcy then no wreath laying for you, and he becomes like the rest of it and that is what he doesn’t like. 

Anyway back to his father in law.  This poor man has been villified by his daughter and who paid for everything for her.  She has happily trashed her family and now succeeded in Harry trashing his.  Yet if you listen to the engagement oh everybody was so lovely, and Kate so welcoming.  Then the fallings out because Frogmore cottage was not the size of the one given to William but forgetting that William will one day be King.  The other Royals are there to back up the monarch and that is where his wife was not having it.  

This is not unexpected with Meghan as this is her biggest role in her life and she was going to grab it with both hands, even if it meant trashing yet more people but for Harry….this is unforgiveable as this is his Grandmother and his family.  He is allowing his wife to trash not only them but also this country and he must realise now that he is not welcome back.  After all, how can he come back from that?

We will never see her here again but it seems Harry is determined to come back for the statue to his mother but has not thought of what the people will think when he does.  I am sure we will here boos when he steps forward as there are consequences for what he has done and the people are disgusted.  He has trashed the very instituton that is the jewel in our country as the Royal Family are our greatest asset and he has because it suits his fame hungry wife to ride roughshod over it.  He should be ashamed of himself and stop putting out the narrative of how deeply hurt he is as all he is showing is what a total wimp he is and under his wifes control.

We already know now what she will call the daughter they are expecting, but what a pity that two children who could be part of a loving very large family with 2 sets of grandfathers and grandmothers, as well as aunts and uncles as well as loving cousins will grow up in a goldfish bowl because of what their parents have done.   

They must not be allowed back as they cannot be trusted. They will sell every secret and every coment said because she has to keep the cameras on her and in reality Harry is just a bit part as he seems to be lost and that is what makes it worse what he is doing.  The timing was rotten and the subject was rotten and their whole narrative can be picked apart as this is purely just to make her a global name and a star. 

Her Majesty now has no choice but to rescind the Dukedom of Sussex from them and cast them adrift, after all why keep it?  Well we know why they keep it and that is to continue to trade on their royal connections whilst trashing it but for the first time in his life Harry has to realise that there must be a consequence for what he has done, and making them plain Mr and Mrs is good enough for Her Majestys loyal subjects and it should be good enough for them.

I am fully in Her Majestys camp and feel so bad for her but she must press ahead with the bullying claims and ripping up the NDA (non disclosure agreements) the staff were made to sign due to the bullying from the Sussex’s as surely their voices matter too, she needs to tell Andrew to get a grip and speak to the FBI and above all she needs to cast these two adrift as the country, and that is the majority of the country are fed up to the back teeth with their victim mentality.  Time to man up Harry and cut loose Grannies apron strings and sink or swim without the institution that you and your wife state you hate at every turn.  

God save Her Majesty and the Royal Family as they do not deserve this.

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