Before you read…please note that the CEO of WBC Professor Broomhead was given a Directorship with the company listed below, Together Enwrgy (TE) and after investing our money. This was an email from one of the residents a Mr Martin Jones.

The current Labour dominated council has put us £1.6 billion in debt, and it is expected to rise considerably.

This Email was sent to all sitting councillors at Warrington Borough Council

Together Energy(TE) is 50% owned by Warrington Borough Council. These are questions put by Richard Grover head of Together Energy’s Customer support Group. TE has an appalling record in dealing with its customers.

As Councillors YOU are responsible for this. As Councillors YOU appointed WBC Chief Executive to the Board of TE you are responsible for his actions

You state that More than 90% of our staff come from the poorest 10% of postcodes in Scotland. Together Energy stated that they would boost employment in Warrington. How people do Together energy currently employ in Warrington and how many do they plan to employ in the future?

By what date do WBC expect to fully recoup their investment in Together Energy and start to deliver profits to benefit the people of Warrington?

For two years Together Energy have been 35 out of 35 in the Which table for energy suppliers and yet there is no sign of any improvement. This is an embarrassment for Warrington residents?

What do the management of Together Energy intend to do or are they not concerned?

Due to Together Energy’s appalling ratings and image, new customers are having to be unwittingly signed up by both energy switching companies and cold calling salesmen. The only carrot that Together Energy has to truly tempt new customers is low fuel prices. No customers join because of quality.

This business model is worrying. Do the Directors of Together energy accept that this puts the company at risk?

All Energy companies have a public profile through social media and respond and react to customers questions and complaints. Why do Together Energy hide from their customers and refuse to have an open, honest and public profile?

Paul Richards the joint owner of Together Energy has twice made public apologies via the Together Energy website for the poor service that the company has provided. Since those apologies service level has continued to fall. Will there be another public apology?

Why when the WBC leadership have failed to turn Together Energy around into a popular company, did they invest more money into Bristol Energy whose ratings are now rapidly falling in the same manner as Together Energy?

Together energy have one of the worst public review scores in the industry however the only 5 star reviews are obtained by helpdesk staff who gain them by asking for credit from desperate customers who have been helped out of predicaments. Why do the Together Energy Management have to support these desperate tactics?

The energy market has been recently described as fragile, wholesale energy prices are rising and small suppliers, particularly council owned suppliers are continuing to fail. Are WBC confident that having the poorest public profile in the industry will not affect the viability of the company?

What timescale do WBC and Together Energy have to improve the companies ratings?

I know now there will be no answers to the questions as they dont like having to explain any dealing that appear to have been taken after fag packet planning. Guess there only consideration is which Councillor gets the next Directorship at our expense?

There needs to be another question asked and that is was the Directorship of TE paid, and if so did it go back to us the rate payers? If not then where did it go?