Her reign is over before it has begun.

Oh dear seems like things are going very badly for Queen Nichola North of the Border.

Two new polls have stated that the independence vote she wants will fail, and that only a 1/3rd of people believe she has been honest to the tribunal regarding Alex Salmond.

I watched her interview and for someone who prides herself on being on the ball with everything, there was an awful lot of I don’t remember, can’t recall that and of course the usual SNP sending over items regarding legal advice late to the tribunal and only doing so when the Deputy Leader was forced with a vote of no confidence. How quickly he can move when his job and perks are threatened.

I think the jaw dropping moment was when she said she had no recollection of the 30 women who had made accusations against SNP male members. This woman has her fingers in to everything and she knew and I don’t believe for one minute that she didn’t and the constant apologising did not wash with the committee members as they know her remember.

Amazing how the legal advice that she took at a cost of £50,000 a meeting (TWICE), where she was told that she did not have a cat in hells chance of winning was not minuted, yet she still carried it on. How nice that you can just spend other peoples money just so blasé. I should imagine Ms Sturgeon minutes her trips to the toilet to be honest to be able to show she is in control so accepting that she forgot just does not cut it with anybody. There is also the very bad taste of using a Covid address to blast Alex Salmond. That alone should force her to go.

Lets see what she has done with the crisis….

Sourced the vaccines? NO

Paid the furlough scheme? NO

Paid for the vaccines? NO

Running a successful Scottish NHS to cope with Covid? NO

Had a care plan in place…..AND NO.

So when she stands there as the saviour of Scotland you have to look at her and think you have done absolutely nothing Ms Sturgeon. I cannot believe how some people still believe her. Shows you can fool some of the people all of the time.

A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times gave a 51-49 per cent split, and suggested just a third believe Nicola Sturgeon has been entirely honest about in the spat with Alex Salmond
Ms Sturgeon has been facing a huge backlash over the handling of allegations against her SNP predecessor Alex Salmond
Ms Sturgeon contemplating the end of her career.

The SNP state that if they won in the May elections she will start putting forward the referendum, but she can’t do this without the say so of Westminster and she knows it as well. There is no way the EU will accept the results of an illegal referendum act as it would force them to accept Catalonia and that will never happen so what next? .Scotland is already missing the target set by the EU regarding debt and it should be no more than 3% GDP….Scotland was at 7% before the Covid struck, and that does even begin to include the debt that Scotland will owe to the rest of the Kingdom and what about currency? She will have to use the English £ with rates set by us and again that is another no no for the EU as no country can join with rates set by another Non EU country. She would have to accept the Euro and that is tanking. Every financial establishment has said so….so Scotland if you go with her then you are doomed and she is doing it for nothing else than to be President of Scotland. Way to go Nichola….bankrupt a country for your political ambition.

So Ms Sturgeon is creating a false narrative to her supporters and she needs to be called out on it. She has no power to even remotely call one but her ego won’t accept that.

Savanta Comres research for Scotland on Sunday gave a 52-48 per cent margin for 'no', excluding those who said they were not sure

The Panelbase research found just one in three Scottish voters believe Ms Sturgeon has been entirely honest about the Salmond affair. A third of voters wanted the First Minister to resign – with the figure rising to 61 per cent if she is found to have broken the ministerial code by an independent review.  

It seems thankfully that the sun is setting on the career of one Ms Sturgeon and she should go now with some dignity instead of being pushed, but somehow I think she likes the power to much to give it all up and this is going to be a case of grab your popcorn and diet cola, and sit back and enjoy the fireworks as the fall out will be epic.

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