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I came across a thread on a Veterans site that I am a member of and it was regarding Shamima Begum, and I was surprised where someone said she made a mistake and should come home. I decided that my response even though it contained unpleasant details needed to be hard hitting as if we let those who actively support such murderous acts back in, then the rule of law that we so enjoy is made a mockery of. This was my response…..

I was pleasantly delighted when the Supreme Court refused Shamima Begum leave to come to Britain for her appeal.  The Supreme Court wrote a strongly worded disagreement of the Appeal Courts decision as they had refused to consider the risk to the security of the country, and that must be sacrosanct at all times.  It was the right decision as if she was allowed to come here, then she would not be made to leave as some bleeding heart would tie us up in yet more legal fees and any money spent on this woman is wrong, and there comes a point where we have to say no.  There are allegations that she was part of the women’s group who terrorised other women to adhere to strict Muslim rules by force and beatings, and when a young person states it did not bother her seeing a severed head in a bin then we know that she is not sorry.  Any normal person who is terribly sorry would be horrified by that, infact any normal person would not even be there and the thought of seeing anything like that would haunt me for the rest of my life, but we are dealing with a terrorist supporter here and she is as responsible as those who committed the crimes.

Surely, she is living in her ideal world.  She is living in a Muslim dominated area instead of with us awful Western people who they so often target for their murderous plots.  I think the fact that it is not the high life she planned is why she wants to come home, but this is a case of beware what you ask for.   It is wrong that any of them were allowed home and I think it is only right that those most affected like the Yazidis and the Kurds are the one to deal out justice.  How many times did we read of older Yazidi women being murdered because they were too old to become sex slaves?  Or children and young girls sold as such?  Men and boys murdered by beheading because a bunch of fanatics decided that they were of no use.  They have murdered, abused, tortured, and destroyed their way across the Middle East and as such there can be no sympathy for her, or others like her.  There are traumatised children who do not have their parents nor their relatives because of decisions taken by the very people she supported.  There has to be a price to pay.  The innocent have paid it with their lives and they and only they should be our first and last thoughts.  If I had my way all of them would have been rounded up and shot.  Never mind the bleeding hearts brigade with the loony lefty solicitors making a fortune out of us to try and excuse what she has done.  Without people like her to back them, they would not have committed the devastation that they did do.  

We are often told oh she was 15 and did not know what she was doing, yet in the same breath we are told to listen to one Greta Thunberg who was also 15 at the time.  Are we really saying that when young people commit such horrendous acts that we should take their age into account?  At what stage in life do you say no you are responsible for the situation you are in now.  Begum actively encouraged tyranny. 

Begum chose to ignore the evil of ISIS and openly went to join them, and I suspect it was for nothing more than for riches and the ability to lord it over a people.  Well, now she must pay the price.  I am sorry that 3 innocent babies have died but how many other innocent babies and children died at the hands of the very people she was supporting?  We have to keep a sense of what is morally right and save our sympathy, our thoughts and good wishes for the victims and she is not a victim.

If I had my way and I ran the camp she is in, I would open it to the Yazidis and the Kurds and tell them to take those they know actively supported and who committed the terror and put them on trial.  After all is that not what we did in Nuremburg?  We put one Julius Streicher on trial for his magazine Der Stuermer and he was found guilty and hung.  She took to propaganda the same way and actively encouraged people to travel to the Middle East commit the most heinous of crimes.

We must not allow the PC brigade to win against the moral rights of the victims.  They don’t care what she has done as the type of lawyers lining up to help her don’t like this country anyway as they are always banging on about how racist we are, how xenophobic we are, how we are against homosexuality because of our narrow mindedness, yet their client and her chums were the ones throwing gay people off roofs to their deaths, they were the ones murdering people because they had a different way of life and a different religion and who have destroyed some of the wonders of the world, and then they have the cheek to say that we in Britain must show a sense of justice.  Wow….just wow…. I am fed up with being told to play by a standard that others refuse to do so and getting blasted for it.  I do not care what colour you are, what sex you are, what religion you are and who you live with, but I do care about trying to murder innocent men, women and children for a warped ideology that should be destroyed to the ground. 

If that makes me narrow minded then super, bring it on as trust me on my blogging site and my magazine I have been called worse and my reply is I don’t care what people think about me, but I do care that the British way of life is being eroded minute by minute by the bleeding hearts brigade who don’t care what she and her mates have done, but then who chose to lecture me.

Begum should be handed over to those who have suffered the most as surely an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is relevant here, and I trust both the Yazidis and the Kurds to give her a fair trial and that is something her and her murdering chums did not do for their victims.  She should never be allowed back here and if that justice means she is locked up for life or given a death sentence then it will be administered by those who have suffered the most, and not the slap on the wrist that she will get here as we know the liberal legal system we have will resulted in nothing more than that, and then a new home, a new identity and laughing all the way to the bank….and she will conspire again, and we in this country with its terrorists attacks and the innocent victims of the Middle East cannot afford to take that test.  There must be justice, or it becomes a farce and those who have suffered the most must be able to still have faith in the legal system or there will be no hope.  

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