If I could advise HM The Queen on her most dysfunctional family……

It would be to order HRH The Prince Andrew, Duke of York to make himself available for the FBI and its investigation in the Epstein abuse case.

Whilst that is ongoing you will have the Markle sugars endlessly stating that she is a victim covering up for him, whereas we know her whole persona and selling point is that she is a victim of this nasty country who gave her a multi million pound wedding, free palaces and country houses, free jewels, designer clothes, free holidays and first class travel….and all we asked for in return was for her to behave like a Royal. Guess with this chat with Ms Winfrey being two years in the planning, she was always planning to do this and the book….but I digress.

Her Majesty must get a grip of the Royal Family and the wayward Royals who are bringing it into disrepute. Harry and his wife can be dealt with in one swoop and that is stripping of all titles and cutting them adrift. After all that is what they want….they don’t want to be part of the working Royal Family but are clinging to those titles for grim death. So, Your Majesty strip them off it and have done with it. Then they can fade into the obscurity that they keep letting us know they want through various media outlets….

Then, turn to the real issue within the Family and that is not the spin and story from the Duchess but rather the continued ducking and diving from Andrew.

He is a grown man and doesn’t need advisers to tell him that the person he hung round with was a nonce, a paedophile as the law told us that when he was jailed as a sex offender, and there is no way he should be able to claim diplomatic immunity or the skirt of his mummy to hide from this.

He knew what he was and there are victims out there who need questions answered. Just having sympathy with them would make you want to give them answers but Andrew has none….

We know there are many powerful people who took the Lolita plane including Clinton and again this must not be allowed to go unanswered. The law is there for all and it is supposed to be blind to circumstances, in other words if you are rich or poor you should be able to expect justice but we know that is not true, and whilst the powerful people continue to hide then it will create more and more of an issue and people like me will demand the dismantling of the very system that protects these people.

Young girls have been trafficked for powerful men and Andrew’s excuses was dismantled within 5 minutes in the disastrous tv interview where he said he doesn’t sweat, went to the Pizza hut and that he was too honourable to tell a nonce to go away…instead it took him 4 days in a house full of young woman coming and going and where he actually waved at one. Does he truly believe that we took that as anything else but a pathetic attempt to salvage him….and if he did so who the hell advised him?

Her Majesty deserves our full support as she has given a life of service to this country and even I think she is an asset, along with Charles and Camilla, William and Kate, Edward and Sophie but the rest of them…meh…..wouldn’t give two hoots if they ended up with nothing but we are a country that bases our history on our Royalty, for instance the Victorian period, the Edwardian period, the Elizabethan period and our country goes hand in hand with its Royals, but they must be above reproach and yes in a way we demand they behave far better than we do as they represent this Country After all that is the price of their palaces and their luxury lifestyle that few hard working people can dream of.

It would be my advise to make him available for the FBI and here if necessary and to have a lawyer present and to then give the answers they require and when done to go on tv and state how he is so sorry it has taken so long, and that his only concern is the victims of Epstein, and that he will do what it takes to make sure that their story and horrific abuse is listened too.

Maybe if he did that eventually we would allow him back but whilst he point blank refuses to do anything the accusations will grow and what is there to hide? After all we would not be allowed to just dismiss the requests and the Queen is above the law but he is not.

HM The Queen needs to stop taking advice from these men in grey suits and for once ask normal people what they view the Royal Family should be. How should they behave and yes there should be some form of mysticism with them but that is all and certainly not be able to treat abuse survivors with such little concern.

The problem is you have Royals who have never been told no and that is where the issue lies. You get bratty kids growing up into temperamental bratty adults and whilst they can get away with it as kids, they cannot expect to be treated the same as adults, and until someone tells them “no, grow up and stop being a brat”, then Her Majesty is going to have this trouble again and again and at the age of 94 with an unwell husband….surely she deserves better from her family as all the trouble is coming from them……