A very undignified statement from the Duchess…..

The Duchess of Sussex has stated that Buckingham Palace is using the illness of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh as an attempt to try and muzzle her. Maybe the Palace should have done that in the first place as to try to use the health of a 99 year old man who has given a life of duty to this country, including fighting in WW2 as a way to criticise the palace and the Royal Family is just about as low as you can get.

Not one thought for a 94 year old woman who has devoted her WHOLE life to this country worrying whether her husband will survive, or who has showed true leadership in a time of national emergency, but then thinking of others was never high on the list of the Duchess. Her Majesty deserves better than this and Harry should be ashamed of himself for allowing this to get this far as his wife is trashing his family, but then we are talking about two petulant people with a quest for money and fame, and when you have trashed your own family….doing it to somebody else’s is easy.

The Sussex title must be removed now from them. He will stay a Prince sadly but hers must be relinquished as we know she is going to peddle her false narrative with the permanent victim look on her face …. about this country and because of that…she must no longer have a title because to do so you have to be worthy of it and dignified.

Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton
That look says it all………