Bristol University should hang their heads in shame…stand up for their rights…

Professor David Miller is employed by Bristol University and his vile anti semitism has caused that much upset a brave student has stepped out and made a stance and is saying no more.

Please read her petition and for note… this man was kicked out of the Labour party for saying Keir Starmer takes money from Zionists, and the man standing up for him….Chris Williamson…a former MP suspened and then kicked out of the Labour party for his anti semitism.

Of course there is trying to dress up a rabid dislike of Jews and Israel but if it quacks like an anti semite, and waddles like an anti semite….its an anti semite.

Please let’s support this young student, and show that freedom of speech and religion should be at the core of University life, and shame on Bristol University for continuing to employ this man, as Jewish students are scared of saying anything or coming out Jewish due to his rants…..and that is unacceptable.

Please sign and show students that we value their right to make a stance.

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