They have rejected Black Lives Matter application of becoming a political party and quite right too.

It stated in its rejection that the group would likely mislead people. We are not misled they are a Marxist organisation that is hell bent on rioting and tearing down our statues, and like any organisation that exists to promote violence it should not be a political party. It was obscene that the BNP managed to become a political party and thankfully these mistakes are being corrected and never again should the likes of the BNP be allowed to form a party as they are the worst of the worst.

The independent election watchdog argued that a ‘reasonable voter could assume that the party represents, or is in some way associated with’ the grassroots BLM movement and its official UK affiliate. All summer we have seen the BLM try to rewrite our history and tell people like me that I have white privilege….well you won’t rewrite our history and I don’t have privilege but rather what most people call a work ethic and don’t expect it to be handed to me on a plate as some expect these days….as the bottom line always get down to money.

BLM protesters dumping the toppled statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol Harbour

BLM protesters dumping the toppled statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol Harbour.

That is not how a political party behave but rather shows just a bunch of thugs who were determined by means of threat and violence to get their own way. This is not some tin pot country that they think they can do as they wish but rather the rule of democracy and one based on our glorious history.

The plinth of Churchill's statue is defaced with the words (Churchill) 'was a racist' on June 7

Rioting does not equate to politics but this is rather the rule of the Marxist and it is not democratic power they want but the despotic power to change my history to year one. Pol Pot tried that and their thinking is along these lines. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you have the right to destroy it, and I for one went out as a younger person to demand freedom for Nelson Mandela….. Learn to live with it and find out its history….but these people cannot do that as all they want is to destroy and continue to destroy. Democracy does not come into it and that is the main reason why they will fail. You cannot rule by the power of threat and violence.

Tory backbenchers claimed the application to set up the party proved that BLM was a partisan political project with Left-wing objectives, including ‘deconstructing the concept of “family” and defunding the police’, and if this mob had their way we would be living in a world without order and where those with the guns dictate….and it would be living their way only and again this is lesson number one in any despots hand book.

Black lives matter of course they do but so do Indian lives, so do Pakistani lives, so do White lives and so does everybody else and I am struggling to understand why BLM feel that they are treated any different from me? We are entitled to the same rights and the same access to education, care, the law and medical so what is the issue.

By the way the statistic up until June 2020 for those who died in police custody are as follows: In the past 10 years, 163 people have died in police custody in England and Wales according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). Of these 163 deaths: 140 were white, 13 were black and 10 were from other minority groups.

These are statistics that Marxist organisations do not want to see. We are not fundamentally racist in this country and how dare people say so. We are in fact proud of our history and the achievements we managed, as well as ashamed and yes even I feel that but we cannot change it and instead we have gone forward but this group would destroy that, and destroy the glory that is the United Kingdom for their own aim.

If you have no history what do you learn from? We all have a history and we all learn from the mistakes we made and take the good things we have done and move forward with it and it is not the right of any person to deny me or millions like me of the history and the pride that I feel in this country.

BLM activists have called for the defunding of police forces they accuse of ‘systemic racism’ and for an overhaul of UK culture including the removal of statues of imperial figures, the renaming of buildings and the ‘decolonisation’ of the curriculum.  In December, Sasha Johnson, the self-styled ‘Black Panther of Oxford’, called for a ‘race offenders’ register’ that would see people barred from jobs based on having been accused of ‘micro-aggressions’ in the workplace.

This is part of the agenda with BLM and the craziness to come out with this shows that like Labour under Corbyn we will always reject hatred and terrorism. Oh you will get those who are easily led into such a life as these type are always looking for a cause….they are always looking for one…..

Seriously if BLM want to be a political movement should they not talk about teaching our history to the next generation and to come together with those places to show the good and bad of our “white history”, after all we don’t have a white history month so we cannot show people the good we have done. History has shown us time and time again that the more you try to put the people down and wreck their history the more they will reject your movement.

I feel so sorry for those who genuinely feel aggrieved as their voices are not being heard and we need to hear them. We need to say to them yes we are listening and we want to help and that colour does not come into it, and we just want to help a fellow human being who has hit on hard times but please don’t lecture me when you have the same rights as me that you are down trodden as quite frankly I feel that heterosexual white males are going to have it rough if this carries on….as they will according to the Marxist organisation automatically assume they are racist…. Judging without proof…..welcome to the tin pot world of wokeism and hypocrisy. .