Going along in my own merry little way when up pops an invitation to join the facebook group of my old school.

Why not I thought and on entering I had to explain with much apologies that due to a serious RTA and a brain injury that my recollection would be very rusty, and if I did not remember someone at all then please except my sincere apologies….and then I was totally unprepared for the incoming.

I must add that my siblings all went to the same school and of course everyone wanted to know how they are so with lots of messages to pass on I went on in my merry little way, and then up popped a chap who wanted a chat and it turns out that he and I were actual play mates from the same street some 40 years ago.

He now lives in New Zealand and has a lovely family and is living the dream, and of course it was great to hear from him and see pictures of his parents who now live with him. It was tinged with sadness as I knew his parents used to pop round for brews and his father and mine were friends and sadly my father passing meant that was no longer possible but it was lovely to know that they were doing so well and whilst sad to remember those times, it still gave me such beautiful memories of my own father. My mother or as I refer to her Her Majesty is still with us and I will be showing her the pictures when I see her.

We often hear about the negative side of the internet and the dark web and the disgusting practices they have there but we never really hear about the wonderful side of the web and how it makes this world seem so small now, and that we can keep in touch with those who we spent a happy childhood with.

I am delighted that he and I are now in touch and that we plan to stay in touch and how different we are from the children we were. We are both grandparents and both settled down into our lives a world apart, yet there is the common knowledge of the happy times we shared and thanks to the marvellous discovery of the Internet and the World Wide Web, we can now keep in touch and delight in each others families.