Sadiq Khan has put together a “task force” to basically tear down our statues, rename roads etc in the Capital of the United Kingdom, London.

This task force will come back with an answer that is wrong from day…. That we are racist, our statues are racist, our history and empire is racist blah blah blah and more blah some woke rubbish and even more blah, and therefore our glorious history needs to come down and be replaced by some left thinking pathetic wokeism which shows nothing and it will never show what it means to serve your country, and what it means to be British and a Great Britain and those within her Empire at the time.

The woke brigade talk endlessly of how awful we are and racist as a country despite the fact that everyone who lives in this country has the same rights as me and that is they have the right to a free education, housing, health care, delivering children in a hospital, human rights, the right to be protected by our services, the right to cast a vote free of threat and also the right to claim welfare if they don’t work. There is the right to claim welfare for them and any children that they may have, and also the children will get financial help even if a parent walks away. So, that is everyone’s right in this country and that is the same rights I have. So, where is the white privilege in that? There is none.

In this country we have the same rights across the board and to now attack our history is a step too far.

This disgraceful mayor of London who has done nothing except grind London into the lowest it has been. Where the transport is under threat, where people cannot drive across their own area without pound signs ringing and where children are not safe from going out for fear of being stabbed to death.

Robberies are up, murder is up, rape is up, assaults are up and he thinks that some woke brigade can stop that by trying to rip out our history. Why stop at that Khan….why not go after the Cenotaph?? After all it is our glorious history that he and the left hate.

To add insult to injury the London taxpayers have to pay for this and this is nothing more than a bankrupt mayor trying to shift eyes from the fact that he is failing. He is failing London, he is failing the younger generation and he is occupying a seat that he does not have the mandate for.

He should have been thrown out of the role 12 months ago. We know that this pathetic group will of course put the word racism in their reports. We are talking of heroes of a bygone age. Our bygone age. They are going to put their woke rubbish into action and we know now that they are going to target our history and they need to keep their hands off.

The Communities Minister Robert Jenrick needs to tell Khan that this task force is defunct and that whatever money he wastes on their report will be ignored and Khan be made to pay it back, and that our history is not for their bias decision.

We are talking Churchill, the heroes of the Empire and Monarchs, soldiers who have done something that Khan is never going to do and that is serve this country with honour.

Jacob Rees Mogg has absolutely right when he branded the mayor ‘Red Khan’.  The Commons Leader said councils should be responsible for naming streets, with the MP for North East Somerset advising Sadiq Khan to not ‘interfere in things that aren’t his responsibility’.  ‘Who would have thought that you’d have a more left-wing leader of London than Ken Livingstone? And now we do, and Red Khan is he,’ Mr Rees-Mogg told the Commons.

‘It is quite wrong that these loony left-wing wheezes should be inflicted upon our great metropolis, and I think the mayor in his zeal is potentially treading on the toes of councils anyway – that councils have the right to name streets, by and large, not the Mayor of London, and I don’t think he should interfere in things that aren’t his responsibility. ‘As I was saying on the honours list, we should celebrate and glory in our wonderful history and in the great heroes of our nation going back over centuries.’

Full list of statues on land owned by the Greater London Authority… including Churchill and Nelson

Statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square

Statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square

The full list of statues, monuments and plaques on land owned by the Greater London Authority and under Sadiq Khan’s control:

Parliament Square Gardens

Sir Robert Peel – statue

Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield – statue

Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby – statue

Viscount Palmerston – statue

Field Marshall Jan Christian Smuts – statue

Sir Winston Churchill – statue

Nelson Mandela – statue

David Lloyd George – statue

Mahatma Gandhi – statue

Dame Millicent Fawcett – [plinth i

Trafalgar Square

Nelson’s Column – statue/monument

See the source image

Bronze bas-reliefs x4, base of column – monument

Bronze lion sculptures x4, base of column – monument

Major-General Sir Henry Havelock – statue 

General Sir Charles Napier – statue 

Image result for General Sir Charles Napier

King George IV – statue

Admiral Cunningham – bust

Admiral Beatty – bust

Image result for admiral beatty

Admiral Jellicoe – bust

Image result for jellicoe

Fountains x2 with sculptures of Dolphins & Tritons

Imperial Standards of Lengths, historic bronze inlay

4th plinth sculpture, with temporary art installations

Khan and his made up group can take their pre-designed ideas of what they think should be there and shove it. This is my history, the history of Great Britain and if they can’t bear to look at it then leave. Why should they want to live in such a horrible country if that is the case. My history and I am sure millions of others will agree that our history is not to be put in the hands of such people. They have not earned the right to discuss anything. They have done nothing to give them that power. They have not served this country and never will.

They have a left woke agenda and it is not acceptable and needs to be stopped. If necessary we must once again protect our statues from those who would destroy it because they don’t like it. Again, if you don’t like it…either don’t look or move….

Our history is a 1000 years and more in the making and how dare some jumped up failure decide what is to be taken down. I know one thing there will be no statue of Khan in London as he has failed London and he has failed as mayor and it needs to be stopped.

Image result for khan as a balloon
The only thing of Khan will be the balloon that is flown over London once more.

He is wasting valuable taxpayers money on a vanity project that is only there to stop people knowing what a failure he is. Every young person who has died is his failure as he thinks that stop and search is racist. How pathetic. If stop and search saves at least one life is it not worth it? He is failing the young people and that is regardless of colour as too many are being murdered on streets that he now has no control over.

I plan to write to Mr Jenrick and ask him to stop this madness from the failure that is Khan. Nobody has the right to dismiss and demolish the history of this beautiful land. Educate yes and I am all for educating the youngsters as yesterday’s history is different from theirs. My father’s history is different from mine and my son’s history will be different too as will my grandchildren but that is what it is…history and unless we can see our history, learn our history then we are no better than North Korea, but somehow I think the failure that is Khan would like to see that as he is quite happy to bury the bad news and promote his wokeism and like him the whole thing is pathetic.