Well I have finally done it…

I have decided to put my life long passion of flowers and plants to good use and have created the website for the Urban Gardener. This was originally going to be my political website but now I am glad that it is being used for something else. I love my garden and whilst it is a small space it does not stop me from enjoying what is mine.

I found that it is my inner sanity and my sanctuary and over the time have gone from not knowing a thing about flowers to being a very proud gardener, even if still a beginner. I plan to give tips, offers from garden centres and other stories from gardeners that could help and I will be blogging daily during the spring and summer, with the lead up to looking after your garden when the weather turns.

So, please join me on there and delight in the world of being a gardener.

It is found at https://www.susanhoolachan.co.uk and you can send your pictures and stories to enquiries@susanhoolachan.co.uk and I would be delighted to put your success stories on, and your warnings if you feel them necessary but lets make it successful and help those who like me are beginners but willing to help others, and where we can become a family…..a family of gardeners. It is only under construction and it will be up and running in a few days and then watch out….like the flowers it will blossom.

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