Shame on them….

A school has decided to drop the house names of Winston Churchill and JK Rowling.

Seaford Head School in Seaford Essex has decided to drop them because of Winston’s “Racism” and Rowling’s Bullying over Transgenders….

Never in my life have I heard such rubbish and shame on the school for doing this.

Seaford Head School's house system was dreamed up in 2016 and based on four icons
Seaford School

J K Rowling has brought so much pleasure to millions of children and she has taught them to fall in love again with reading, and they have done it so voluntarily and the sales of books have gone through the roof. She dare to have an issue with sanitary towels where quite rightly she said that only women can have periods. Biological women and she is right. If a man had to bleed for 7 days a month, have the aches the pains, the bloated stomachs, the pain in the breasts etc…then the menopause…trust me they wouldn’t want it…. I also quote that if a biological man bled like that for 7 days then he needs to get himself to a Doctor pretty quick.

This is supposed bullying? I see it as a woman standing up for the rights of women as some people are so determined to take away everything that sadly we own. For instance nurses and doctors are now not allowed to saying mothers in labour but people, and breast milk is now human milk…FFS ….. this is getting beyond stupid. It needs to stop and well done on JK Rowling for standing up for the rights of women for a change.

As for Winston Churchill why are some people so determined to hold him to account by today’s standards? Those who have made the decision have no idea what the world was like over a hundred years ago, and yet they have decided that he is a racist. Winston Churchill was a complicated man but he was a man of his age and an aristocrat to boot, so the chances are he didn’t even know fully the plight of the working man. Yet this complicated man was there to give the nation what it needed at the time of its darkest hour…leadership and he did not falter even when he was called out by others.

He believed in this country, he believed in the Commonwealth and the empire over the seas. He believed that they would come to our aid because he trusted them. How racist was that? He believed that all military personnel from all the countries would come to our aid. How can that trust be racist?

Winston Churchill is one of our greatest Britons and he was complicated. Maybe the best thing to do was to explain just how complicated he was but to scrap him shows their ignorance, and they are ignorant. They are missing out on learning about the different aspects of our history and they are denying the children the opportunity to gain all that knowledge.

Why is it some teachers and head teachers are so determined to ruin our history with their woke rubbish, and to call him a racist, The note – which was marked as being from students – said wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill was ‘a figure who promoted racism and inequality, unfairly imprisoning and torturing many’. That is a dreadful slur and without people like Winston they would teaching the history of the Fuhrer….and to call JR Rowling is dreadful. They should be grateful that our history is full of such complex humans, as they are human and I defy any of us to say we are perfect. Yet this school is trying to say it is.

Shame on them for trying to belittle one of the Greatest Prime Ministers we have had…shame on them.

Sir Winston Churchill
The website of the school still shows the old houses and their corresponding famous names

Will the school pull the Mandela house especially bearing in mind that before he went to Jail he was guilty of uprisings and murders acted out by his ANC group? After all they are judging Churchill on his past so why not Mandela?

Don’t get me wrong I admire Nelson Mandela but to judge one leader whilst ignoring another is wrong but guess it doesn’t suit their woke agenda. God help those kids…..