We are all the same…..

I today attended an online meeting of the LGBTQ+ group and it was very informative especially for myself as I am heterosexual and had not really appreciated the pain, suffering and the abuse that people go through because of their sexuality.

This was a group of NHS people to celebrate LGBTQ+ month and it occurred to me that how could someone be persecuted because of their sexuality?  I realised it is because of people like me having very little insight into what it is like to be in this group, and I wholeheartedly think that there should be more diversity training not less. We all the right to live our lives without interference from others.

How many times have we sat in our offices or on our tea break asking new staff or visitors are you married or have children expecting the answer to be yes to a member of the opposite sex, and yes children.  How many of us have been stopped in our tracks when someone has a different outlook from ours?  There is the polite smile and oh that’s nice comment, but have we really ever stopped to let them explain their home life in the same way we explain ours? It is not rudeness but just ignorance I feel.

I have some very wonderful gay friends and the thought that they could suffer abuse makes me angry, and abuse should not be allowed to happen.  We are all on this planet to love and be loved and if that is with your same sex or not it does not mean we cannot be loved.  The Catholic Church does not help with the stigmatization people go through because of their sexuality and if you watch Stephen Fry take on the Catholic Church in a debate, you will see how backward thinking the Church is and Stephen Fry was right they are not a force for good especially when they can discriminate against someone because of love.

We also have transgender people and what does it matter if that person is transgender?  Does it stop them from being the lovely person you want to know?  I often feel such sorrow for those who know they are born in the wrong body are society expects them to stay that way, and think how jolly brave they are because they are going to do something about it and we also have transvestites, and why should they because discriminated against all because a male wants to wear women’s clothing, and yet we say very little to women who dress in boots, jeans, and shirts…..it is wrong of us to do this and would it stop them from bringing their expertise to their chosen role?  

Why should we have the right to cast judgement on someone just because they look or love different from the way we do.  Who says we are the ones who are norm?  Is anything in this day and age we are all the norm?  I like to think we are all human beings and capable of such love, joy, laughter and all the other emotions that we go through in our lives.  After all, if we all looked the same what a boring world we would live in and I think to think we are a rainbow of all different personalities and capable of so much love and so much to benefit mankind.