I have been contacted by several people regarding my decision to write up about the Labour expenses.

I will write a blog on the Conservative and other parties expenses as this is what I have been asked to do as soon as they are available, as I am under no doubt that they are just as high and with all the expenses claimed I think it wrong and outrageous that these people all the MPs who sit in parliament are allowed to apply for claims such as £5 of stamps or £20 of hand gel, as lets face it at one point the gel was probably more expensive than oil. They have even put receipts in for a sweet bar…..are these people really that unbelievably tight?? Especially the bit where they were given money for working from home to help with items…..I am under no illusion that they already had the electronic items at home as their receipts would have shown it. Amazing how many need a new laptop each and every year.

They should not be allowed to claim anything for what they eat and drink and when they want yet another laptop they should be scrutinised as what they did with the other. TV’s, modernising kitchens and houses. New bathrooms worth thousands etc and we pay. It seems that MPs think our money is their private piggy bank.

Meanwhile the rest of the United Kingdom are either furloughed or worrying if they have a job at all…it is not right and it is not fair.

I am independent even though it does say Points of Sue and as soon as I have them I will break down the Tory MPs as I feel breaking theirs down is more important. I already know that my own MP has some of the highest expenses and it is outrageous that in a time of a national lockdown they can claim so much.

So, before people think I am not impartial I am confirming that I have read the request and will do as various readers suggest…so watch this blog for updates.