Well done to Boris Johnson for holding his own against the European Union.

Following a brisk phone call the EU President has climbed down and now nothing will be affected regarding our vaccines. We can be very proud of our Prime Minister with regards to how he had the task of Hercules to shut down the bullying EU but he managed it and well done to him. He was forward thinking enough to take the chance and buy the vaccine and he has put his faith in the scientists as we all should do.

The remainers and the EU always thought it would be us to run out of medicines and then boy we would never hear the end of it nor their smirking endlessly saying I told you so, and then the Hard Border …. again it would assumed that we would be the ones to invoke Article 16. Not one remainer had the faith in this country and assumed that within weeks we would collapse and we would be the ones to introduce the hard border because according to them, the EU are the ones who have been statesmanlike in their dealings…well what does it look like now?

Remember these are the same people who said voting out in the referendum would immediately throw almost a million people out of work, that there would be an immediate budget and that taxes would raise, the sky would fall down and the 10 plagues of the bible would immediately hit us.

Well it didn’t and now we have been proved right. The European Union is not a team player after all look how it bankrupt Greece and were not flexible with them at any point, whilst making sure that not only would they have to pay hundreds of millions in Euros to Germany for a bailout but they have also been saddled with all the illegal immigrants who are trying to get into Europe and here. I feel for Greece I really do as they have been royally shafted by the European Union and Germany….twice.

I nearly dropped when Tony Blair come out and said it was ‘very foolish’. That must of hurt because he has tried everything to be President of Europe and of course saying this will now put him on the NON list.

The President of the EU and ALL its Commissioners and MEPs must now resign. They were willing to rob and steal from a company that was doing nothing more than its contractual obligation and to threaten to take their intellectual property is outrageous. To take vials that we have paid for a long time before them would be just theft and is that what the EU want to show on the world stage? They have shown what utter total amateurs they are.

There were late and they were inept and no one can say Boris Johnson was not on the ball with this and it is now time the Europeans put the blame for their lack of the vaccine where it belongs, with their political elite in Europe, and I bet they and all their families have had their vaccine.

As a Brexiteer I am delighted that the EU burnt in its first 30 days as so many remainers were waiting for it to be us this country, and how wrong and how stupid have they been made to look. Boris has shown what a corrupt entity this EU is by simply letting them be who they really are, and if anyone still wants to be part of it may I suggest you book an appointment at your Doctors and get your head felt……