Why is a Warrington MP on a picket line in Stockport?

Why did Charlotte Nichols decide to join a picket line in Stockport? She broke lockdown rules for an unnecessary journey, has not social distanced and quite frankly shown utter contempt for the Warrington North voters.

She states she sits on a business committee, with her experience I can imagine she has nothing much to contribute, after all straight out of university and straight into a role in a union because daddy runs it. Not much experienceof real life there. She could have shown support by a tweet, but to turn up really is a slap in the face for those suffering.

Warrington was hit by floods and some of her constituents were hit heard, and she has done the square root of nothing.

She is akin to the lesser spotted Dodo and has not been seen, and quite frankly done nothing to help. Yet happily posts she is on a picket line in Stockport.

She should have been conducting online surgeries and actually helping the people who voted her in, but Nichols treat this town and its voters with utter contempt.

She should be interviewed by the police for breaking the law as MPs are not above it, and quite frankly this useless woman who is only playing at being an MP needs to be deselected.

Sadly Warrington North was told they were voting in useless and we were proved right.

Prancing around whilst some of the poorest are struggling with the aftermath of the flood. Its disgusting and she is a disgrace.

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