Sturgeon is willing to sacrifice the Scots for a tummy rub from the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon was accused of taking the EU’s side in the bitter vaccine row today as she vowed to publish details of the UK’s supplies despite Boris Johnson ordering her to keep them secret. In an extraordinary move, the First Minister risked undermining Britain’s position, with Brussels heaping pressure on firms to give the bloc a bigger share of the stocks.  Despite the PM warning that the information must be confidential to protect the rollout, Ms Sturgeon told Holyrood she will release it from next week ‘regardless of what they say’. THIS IS TREACHERY AND SHE SHOULD BE ARRESTED IF SHE ATTEMPTS THIS… she is helping a foreign entity against the country she owes her allegiance too.

In an extraordinary move this afternoon, Nicola Sturgeon risked undermining the UK's position by announcing she will publish details of the country's vaccine supplies from next week
The First Minister willing to risk the lives of the people of Scotland.

It is outrageous but totally predictable that this disgraceful First Minister would roll over to the EU, even at the expense of her own voters at home. She will end up being up in Court at this rate as she is playing politics with the lives of others and that is far from being the statesperson she pretends to be.

We know the ploy of Sturgeon and that is always to hide from the voters the true extent of the ruination of the Scottish budget. The schools are ranked toward the bottom, the new hospitals cannot even open, drug addiction and alcohol addiction is up again along with mental health of which there is very little help for those in need. There are not enough Doctors and Nurses and their NHS is running on a deficit far worse than the rest of the UK despite the fact that due to the Barnett Formula Scotland gets more money per capita than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. WHAT IS SHE DOING WITH THE MONEY?

She has kept back almost £2 billion pounds given by the Government to help those businesses worst hit by the Covid pandemic and instead a new sort of Scottish National Party bank has popped up. She is definitely taking lessons from Kim Jong Un in how to spin it out to look like a dear leader whilst the rest of her country is going down the pan because of her and her MPs dire fiscal management of the budget. However, we know that most of the Scottish MPs have the highest claims so when the rescission hits, they will not feel the effect so why should they care? These are very big, obese size snouts in the taxpayers trough.

To take the side of the EU when we have already signed a legal contract and where the EU was its usual late bumbling self is outrageous. I can remember the remainers screaming that there will be medicine shortages with Brexit but they just did not think it would be the EU, and Sturgeon is playing the snot nose kid in the playground who tells everyone’s secrets out of spite because she thinks it will get her in a club. She needs to grow up and see what the situation is. Without England….Scotland is sunk financially.

Sturgeon hates England and everything English. She would rather see our vaccine supplies in the hands of the EU than turn against the EU, and we know she won’t do that as she is desperate to get in. She has not realised that an illegal referendum will not be acknowledged by the EU as if they do, Catalonia will explode and so will all the other smaller areas that want to break way. The EU cannot afford another Greece and the financial demands will be high as Scotland is already running at a deficit of 7% that is 4% above the demands of the EU, and with a non EU country on her only border we could keep these talks going on for years and it would bankrupt Scotland further.

They will then be forced to cut services to the bone. So Scotland will lose their free prescriptions, their free care for the elderly, it won’t be the NHS or free University education anymore as we will not be paying for it and how will Scotland do it? We will remove our ship building and send it to Portsmouth after all why should a foreign country get it when we have great ship building yards in England, and they will no longer have a nuclear capability and there is no way she can say we will protect her….has anyone actually checked her out with regards to her delusions?

The schools will be cut to the minimum, the poor will be the worst off and there are housing estates already over-run with infestations due to cutbacks of bin collecting. Her own constituency was plagued with them and true to form and one who so cares for the people in her area…she moved her office away. Life with the poor people is not for Queen Nicola. Her hatred of us South of the Border is driving her ambition to split the union and we know now that Scotland will be hit with a huge bill and how will they pay it? We will downgrade their credit listing if they fail to pay it and that will result in another bar from the EU.

This disgusting antic is the latest in a long line from this appalling First Minister and this is nothing more than trying to divert from the upcoming release of files regarding Alex Salmond and ones that will show she misled parliament. She is finished but she will try every trick in the book to cling on regardless who goes down with SS Sturgeon. It won’t be an iceberg that sinks it but her ambition. This First Minister thinks that she can hoodwink the public to hide her mistakes, her incompetence and her downright neglect of the Scottish people.

If she gives away all details despite being ordered not to by the Prime Minister then she should be the one who goes on TV and explains to the Scottish people why they will no longer be getting their vaccines, as she decided that her Masters in the EU needed it more, and then arrested for putting the lives of the very people she swore to protect at risk as every detail she gives them, will have a direct effect on our deliveries and why should we in England pay for the dictatorship decision of Sturgeon?

Wake up Scotland before she dooms you all.

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