Let me first state that I have nothing but admiration for the former North West Prosecutor Nazir Afzal as he put his head above the parapet to state that yes there are Muslim grooming gangs operating in the North West of England, when everybody else including some Labour MPs told the victims to shut up. This brilliant brilliant man believed them and he knew that this was not about the Muslim faith but paedophilia and despite some in his community turning against him, he did what was right and for me he is a man above reproach, and I would never write anything so disrespectful to this man who is for me everything I expect a prosecutor to be. That said….he is wrong…

Former CPS chief prosecutor of the north west Nazir Afzal, pictured, has instructed his lawyers to determine whether the PM could be investigated for misconduct in public office
Former CPS chief prosecutor of the north west Nazir Afzal, pictured, has instructed his lawyers to determine whether the PM could be investigated for misconduct in public office 
Mr Afzal released a Tweet earlier this evening after Mr Johnson apologised on the day Britain's Covid-19 death toll passed the 100,000 mark

He is a man of honour and one without a doubt who has thought this through but sadly, he has it wrong. No one could have been prepared for this pandemic and unless we start putting the blame where it really belongs, which is the Communist State of China, and could it be considered legally incorrect to blame a politician for trying to cope with something that seems so difficult to manage.

I had hoped to see Mr Afzal as the Director of Public Prosecutions as he upheld the law regardless of who the case was against and he showed that justice is balanced, and that justice is for all but I have a feeling he could be on a futile mission.

After all what Judge is going to tell a Prime Minister who is armed with all the facts of Covid that he committed malfeasance in a public office?.

You might as well blame the Scientists whose advice the Prime Minister is taking, or those at Porton Down who are advising the scientists. It is a sad case of yes we were unprepared but can he really be blamed for a 2nd and 3rd wave hitting? If that is the case we need to prosecute everyone who has ignored his rulings and that includes an awful lot of MPs. The Prime Minister put the case forward and individuals decided not to listen…so who is to blame?

It is almost as if he is trying to shift the blame and putting it on one man’s shoulders and I know he is angry, we are all angry but he is aiming his anger at the wrong person and the wrong country.

Mr Afzal posted a series of tweets which were critical of Mr Johnson and his government's handling of the Covid-19 crisis

We have not had a pandemic for 100 years and there is no one alive today that could say how it was handled. You might get someone who was a toddler but there recollection would be of no use. What he should do is campaign to have all the viruses that are in laboratories destroyed as why the hell do they want them? Why does any country need Ebola? Anthrax? The Plague? If not to cause mischief to those countries they want to bend into submission.

Maybe if this fine honourable gentleman and I respect Mr Afzal very very much and I have often listened to his speeches and he is one of our finest prosecutors we have been lucky to have, and we should commend that, but maybe if he turns his gaze towards fighting to get rid of these horrid death bringing vials in labs, then maybe just maybe in a 100 years time no future Prime Minister would have to deal with it again.