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Having resigned from the Conservative Party due to their vote against the Lords Amendment and of which I have blogged about, and no longer wanting to represent them on the local council I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and stand as an independent. There are a number of us standing as independents across Warrington as we want to put a halt to the Labour Led Council and their disgraceful waste of our local taxpayers money.

Like most independents I have no large unions or backers but rather it is me, my family and my friends who are going to be working hard to help me succeed, but I have the will to do it and I feel especially after the flooding that we have been ignored for long enough, and I have a love for the people who live here as we are just one large family really. We are like the neighbours of old where everyone would help and they have hearts of gold. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else to be honest.

The Audits for the council have not been signed off and there are problems dating back to 2017….meanwhile the council have put the town of Warrington into debt by the tune of £1.6 billion. They have the money for pie in the sky projects but not for protecting the people of Warrington from the floods, nor making council houses habitable and free of mould and infestations, and nowhere and nothing for the older children to do, and that is just the start of the problems. Someone has to say enough is enough and that is me along with some others who are also saying enough is enough.

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I know I am like David fighting Goliath but the one thing I have discovered is that when the people want a change they get behind you all the way, and so far I have had a considerable number of messages wishing me well, and very kind people offering me support.

If I do not win….then I would have won for the area as I would have highlighted everything that is wrong and because I live in the area, people will also have seen everything that is wrong and demand the changes that we so desperately need…so it will be a win in a way for me and a win for my friends and community.

Wish me luck people and now for the good fight.

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