I would not like to be the Prime Minister at the moment especially with this pandemic lockdown never seeming to end. I have duly done as I have been told but mainly because Mr Points of Sue has a lung condition that makes him quite poorly to start with and if he gets Covid then it is all over, and that is why I am staying in. Not because the Prime Minister asked me too but rather to protect my husband.

We received a letter stating that he should not go to the shops and because I don’t drive due to being disabled it left us resorting to deliveries. The shops and their workers have been an absolute god send they really have but I am missing the very thing that makes us who we are. Contact with others.

Part of our make up as human beings is our need to see and be seen. To communicate with others and socialise with others and that very part of our being….the thing that makes us human is being taken away. Can we really just sit by and except this pandemic and all its consequences on us without putting the blame where it belongs.

This is a virus from China and all we have done is bought endlessly from China and they are on the only economy that has grown throughout this awful time, and we have in effect rewarded them for the very thing inflicted on the world.

I don’t know how long we will be in lockdown as the nerves of all of us are starting to twitch and even those who will get their vaccine are being advised not to go out. How much staying in can we physically do?

We are slowly having our rights stripped away from us and we are just doing nothing. This has to stop. This lockdown cannot be a reason for the Government bringing in laws that strip us of our rights. For instance we are now under a police state in reality because we can be fined for just being outside. We have read about it daily and is that really what we are? I am all for being law abiding and like to think of myself as someone who will always go to the aid of a police officer if needed, I have brought up my children to respect the law but can we really respect such draconian measures. What happens when get out of lockdown? The spike will go up again.

This is now the reality of Great Britain….

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We are in danger of turning our cities, towns, villages and homes into something akin to the Omega man and do we really want that?

I want to get out and I want to see the people I love and the friends I have missed and to walk the dog without fear of being stopped by the police. I hope that the Government and especially the Prime Minister have a strategy for getting us out of this as during the cold weather yes we will tend to stay in, but the minute the warm comes round….everyone will be out.

This is a whole sorry mess. There are businesses who have lost money or gone under and they need to present a class act against China for the reparations of losing their businesses, and we need to think about the Winter again as it will be back and we will have to fight both the flu and a new Covid. How many more innocent people are going to die at the hands of this awful virus?

People need answers and the first answer they want is why! Why was this allowed to get out the way it did. The Chinese Communist Party have turned away WHO inspectors….so what have they got to hide? After all they are hiding the true number of dead as in reality we can double the figures because we know that the Chinese state is not counting its individuals…not really. Their solution to the pandemic was to seal houses up and leave them. That was something done in Middle Ages Europe in the 15th century….and they did that because they did not know better. The state knows better but still decides to do it. It is shameful .

Tighter restrictions must be placed on China to prevent their seriously poor approach to viruses as god knows what else they have in their labs, and this could be the first of many that manages somehow to escape the lab. This is the black arts of science they are messing with and there is a price to pay for the restrictions, misery and financial loss they have released on the world. What will it be nice an untreatable plague? Ebola on a world scale? It is time to stop playing with these viruses and kill whatever live specimens they have.

China has been accused of covering up the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, a claim that Beijing has repeatedly denied. However, the director of the secretive Wuhan Institute of Virology has finally spoken out and dropped a bombshell revelation. Speaking to Chinese state media, Wang Yanyi confirmed reports that the facility held three strains of coronavirus inside the laboratory. (www.dailyexpress.co.uk)

Wang Yanyi confirmed reports that the facility had three strains of coronavirus (Image: GETTY; CCTV)

Instead of policing its citizens, maybe Governments should start to demand they police the Labs in China…as another one will “escape”, and somehow the Chinese Communist State will benefit from that one too. It is not right and it is not fair. Infact it is downright obscene.