Now that Donald has left the White House, the bleeding hearts brigade has taken up the cause of those waiting on death row. Why is it that they never take up the cause of the victims? There are too many bleeding hearts waiting to help those who have murdered others. We hear the hue and cry that this is a cruel death….cruel by injecting them with 3 drugs…..

Now call me old fashioned but raping and beating someone to death is cruel, forcing them on their knees before shooting them is cruel….infact I don’t think I have read that anyone that was murdered was done in a humane way…so why should they be given the same thought?

It should be the victims relatives who have the say after all they are the ones who will suffer the most from this, and if they prefer life in jail then it should be their choice or the death penalty as who are politicians to take that choice away from them. They had no choice to have their family member taken away and the only thing I find so objectionable is that they spent 20 years on death row costing millions and millions of dollars. What a pity they do not have the 3 clear Sunday’s and drop them the way we did. Especially now you have DNA and a much better way to gather absolute proof.

We have no deterrent now and it is an insult to call 15 years a life sentence…whose life? Certainly not the victim, and child murderers should just be got rid off straight away. Never understand how you can get manslaughter for battering a baby to death. After all someone that little or a child even cannot fight back against someone who hurts them. That is not justice and those who are responsible whether it be the partner who did it….any parent who stands there and let them do it should be swinging just as much as they are.

Sadly as stated we don’t have that option. Instead they have cosy prisons with play stations, hair done and education and released if they behave themselves half way through. Amazing how they can behave themselves to get out….but committed the most disgusting of crimes to get in there. Take for instance Mairead Philpott….6 children she helped murder and got just over a year for each one. Where is the justice in that and now she will be given a home and help because the do-gooders are falling over themselves to do it. Where is the justice for the victims?

Sadly with Joe Biden in the White House America will find themselves at the will of a man who does not want capital punishment, and whose party controls the the decision.

The group, also including Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, sent a letter to Biden on Friday in which they highlighted their ‘grave concerns regarding the death penalty’, which they branded ‘cruel and heinous’. The letter, signed by 35 lawmakers in total, urged Biden ‘to take swift, decisive action’ to commute the sentences of the people on federal death row, calling it a ‘crucial first step in remedying this grave injustice’. Yet true to form for the pandering lefties…not one jot of concern for those who died at the hands of these people. Is that not cruel and heinous what they suffered? Amazing how quickly the victims are forgotten.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley
Congresswoman Cori BushA group of Democratic lawmakers led by ‘Squad’ members Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush has called on President Joe Biden to commute the sentences of all 49 federal death row inmates

Bush claimed in a tweet that 'we must end federal executions for good', pictured

If it makes them feel better look at the cases again but those who have murdered should have justice visited upon them, otherwise it makes your President look foolish and weak, and he has already capitulated to the mob during the summer riots. How much more weak do you need him to look when he denies justice for the victims families?

These are the sort of people these mad people would save if they could have had the chance….think about that and wonder why the United States of America is going to the dogs……

'Womb raider' Lisa Montgomery was put to death last week at the end of Trump's spree
Womb raider’ Lisa Montgomery was put to death last week at the end of Trump’s spree – she murdered a woman and cut the child out of her womb……remember that word…MURDERED.
Dustin Higgs, who was convicted for his role in the murder of three women
Corey Johnson, a Virginia man linked to seven murders

Corey Johnson, a Virginia man linked to seven murders; and Dustin Higgs, who was convicted for his role in the murder of three women were among those put to death under Trump – REMEMBER THE WORD MURDERED…..

Justice was finally brought to the victims families and is it really so wrong to have a President in power who will put the need for justice ahead of some form of crusade of the do gooders?

If Biden commutes their sentences to life in prison because he is weak then he is adding to the already over burdened tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars in further expense, but hey what do these law makers know or care about that….they just keep on spending your hard earned money and they don’t care one jot about it, and that will include the families of the murder victims having to pay for their whim too. I could not comprehend nor would want to pay to keep the very person who murdered a family member in prison where they will get 3 meals a day, warmth, a bed and private medical care….especially when those struggling to meet the rising cost might not even be able to afford health care. It’s an insult but what do these people care…they don’t and that is an awful realisation. They will spend your money and won’t care…they live off the taxpayers and have their medical needs taken care off…so they will have no idea of how some will suffer more.

They have done this because you have a President who will be protected from bad people for the rest of his and his family’s life, and one who is weak and will deny the justice that was set out by their own legal system.

It is wrong, so very wrong and justice must appear to be done or you will have a breakdown in the system and the crime rate will soar, after all if there is no death sentence then they have nothing to fear and the criminals know that and will no doubt be rubbing their hands in glee waiting for Sleepy Joe to sign the order.