Its Criminal….

That the Labour Led Warrington Borough Council have done nothing to help the area I live in. Let me explain I live in what is classed a poor ward and the area is full of young families or older people and there are no flood defences, there has been no liaison with the local community from the Councillors who by the way…..we have never seen. We only know who they are because of their Facebook presence and I had to first look up who they were.

They just turn up to take their pictures with the new hub being built and don’t actually engage with the public whose generous expenses they take from, and do the square root of nothing to help. The firemen have been out and helped so many people out by evacuating them where necessary to the local shelters or hotels, or to relatives. My daughter has already informed the firemen that she can come to me as I am in the only avenue that is not flooded by some miracle….but we are surrounded by water and therefore stuck and it will need a dinghy to get them to us but the firemen are prepared to do that as they are good people.

What the people are fuming at is that there has been no offer of help from the Councillors, and they have not even been to see the misery caused by the flood and they are supposed to represent this ward, and I will mention again that nobody has actually seen these people down here.

There have been very little sandbags given out although that is just putting a stick plaster on a 12″ gash, but it offers some a comfort and they have had nothing. Infact, to add insult to injury there have been 12 bags offered to 12 houses…what the hell can one bag do to stop the water?

This Labour Led Council has been criminal investing our money in the sorts of schemes that Ponzi would be delighted with. They have invested millions in London housing but bear in mind we are over 200 miles away from London, they have invested in an energy company that has the worst rating recorded but there was one happy customer as a senior member of the Council was given a Directorship for the investment, and then there is the hairbrain scheme of solar farms which are in Gloucester. It will be years before any of the money they have so stupidly invested in will come back, if at all and this town with some 300,000 people is now in £1.6 billion pound of debt. There is nothing left.

The Labour Led Council have left us with no coffers. It is like that note left by the PS for the Chancellor under Gordon Brown….the money has all gone…there is nothing left and he wasn’t kidding…there was none and this seems to be the way with Labour. They bankrupt everything they put their hands on and they have bankrupted this town as there are no flooding defences, there is no plan in place to actually get the people out of their houses and it is not as if they did not know it was coming and they have no plans in place to actually help people to try and stop the flood.

WHAT IS THIS LABOUR LED COUNCIL FOR? I can answer my own question to be honest….they just like to advertise the fact they are councillors and they like to take the very generous expenses which by the way we have no control over, and they like the doors opening for them and the freebie trips but actually ask them to do something and they look aghast. It is almost as if they are saying….good grief we honour you with our presence when we need the vote and we spend your money badly…what else do you want?

Well we want a proper flood defence plan in place and we want this Labour Led Council out with their wellington boots on in all areas, and especially the 3 as yet invisible councillors that no one has seen to actually show themselves to the public and offer solutions at no further cost to the taxpayers as they have paid enough. There are over 6,000 houses in this ward and they take over £8 million and growing from this ward each and every year and all we get is one bin emptied a week…..that’s it.

No doubt we will hear the same rubbish spouted out that the Conservative Government has cut down on their money this year, well the Conservative Government did not invest our money so badly that it is almost criminal and this Conservative Government is not mismanaging our money every step of the way. It is criminal how they are abandoning and neglecting the area and they should be made to face the people and explain why they are so appallingly bad at their job.

To represent your town should be an honour and not just for milking the system for your own gains and sadly this does not seem to be the way this Labour Led Council think and sadly, the people who are suffering from this flood are on their own. Mind you…they will hear from the Council if they are late paying their council tax as then….they will know where people live….got to pay their expenses now haven’t we.

Thank you to the firemen as they have stepped up to the plate, what a shame the Labour Led Council are found to be so lacking, so very very lacking.

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Longshaw Street
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All the pictures listed have been taken from local Facebook pages but I will not name them so I protect their privacy but thank you for posting them.