Dear Prime Minister,

I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for the Warrington Council Elections in May 2021, and I wish to cancel my membership of the Conservative Party with immediate effect.

I have wrestled with this and my loyalty to you in particular  as I do feel that you mean to do right by this country, but the vote taken in the house yesterday that defeated the Lords Amendment seems to ignore the plight of the Chinese Ethnic Muslims interred in concentration camps, and this win is morally wrong and does not show this country in the light that it should be seen in and this is a defender of people who cannot defend themselves, regardless of the country they live in, the ethnicity they have or the religion they practice.

The world is at the edge and teetering into the abyss and forgetting that there are millions of people who cannot fight against the genocide they are now finding themselves in, and all because they have a religion that is not acceptable to those who would banish free speech is morally incomprehensible,  and surely it is up to this parliament and this country to show that they have not been forgotten, as we were the shining beacon of morality but sadly made  somewhat dimmer last night by this vote.

I know that the Government has won the decision to allow itself to decide what constitutes towards genocide, but this is a decision that should be left with the Judges.  After all, it was good enough to put the Nazis on trial in Nuremburg and following this there is now a permanent court sitting where despots and maniacs find themselves facing the full might of the law, and this is where our faith in Judges should be, and this is nothing short of the next generation of Nazi atrocities being committed by the Chinese Communist Party, and they are getting away with it daily. 

Did we not fight for Brexit to take back control and that includes restoring our Judicial system?  The law should be the ones to decide what constitutes genocide as they are ultimately the best people to do so, and not left to MPs who are voting because they want a junior ministerial position and want to be seen as “Your” people.   It is only when it is a Referendum should the MPs fulfil the will of the people, whereas the rest of the time it is to vote for what is morally right, and this vote last night just showed that they will follow blindly regardless of the outcome and it seems to be nothing more than self-serving and wrong.

People in Government and Ministers align themselves to close to those very same countries that should be held to account for the way they treat their minorities, and because of this close alignment countries such as the Communist State of China are not held to account and this is not acceptable in the 21st Century.  I never cease to be amazed how many former politicians end up with highly paid roles within the same very companies and Governments we should be holding to account.

Due to the failure of this vote and the failure that will happen of not holding rouge states to account I cannot in all good faith carry on with my support.  I have spent two years writing on various media sites about the situation these and many other ethnic groups find themselves in, and was really hoping that this Government would uphold the moral high ground and show countries that this is not acceptable to those who cherish freedom, human rights, and freedom of choice.  How sad to be proven wrong when a vote is taken in the very place that states to value freedom more than anything else.

What will you do when China and it will turn their eyes to Taiwan in their demand or a growing empire?  They are already trying to claim the South China Seas, and the minerals and oil found under the sea will oil their war machine or when they make those fighting for freedom in Hong Kong disappear into those very same camps as they will.  The China Communist Party will become invincible because this and other Governments did not have the courage to let the Judiciary decide, and to stop them in their tracks of harming their own people.  

I wish you well in all that you do and for your family but this is where I now leave the Conservative Train and get off at the station that states humanity as the destination, as I would sooner put my moral duty ahead of any political one because the way I view it all it takes is one small acorn to make a large oak tree grow, and hopefully more and more people will view that the lack of moral accountability in this day and age is not acceptable.