I am absolutely dismayed that a Conservative Government can pass an amendment helped by the majority of Conservative MPs to allow trade deals to be signed and continued with Countries who commit Genocide.

The amendment would have forced the Government to withdraw from any free trade agreement with any country which the High Court rules is committing genocide. Tory MPs wanted to use the changes, first put forward by the House of Lords, to ensure the Government did not sign a trade deal with China while Uighur Muslims are persecuted. (www.dailyexpress.co.uk)

The former leader Ian Duncan Smith championed the clause that would have forced the Government to not sign a deal with the Chinese Communist Party because of the Uighur Muslims who are currently in concentration camps in China. These poor people are being worked to death, women are being raped, pregnant women are being forcibly aborted, women are being sterilised against their will and people of all ages are being murdered, they are being starved and the children who are left are being brainwashed and turned against their parents. Now I don’t know about you but this smacks of Nazi practices to me….and you have to wonder if Boris and the Government can so easily dismiss the sufferings of others what else is this Government going to turn a blind eye too?

Why don’t they go the whole hog and have trade deals with North Korea, and any other despot who murders their people for the hell of it.

I am sad to say that Great Britain on allowing this deal to go through has now destroyed any hope of our moral standing in the world. How can any country want to sign a deal knowing that the people they are signing with can commit such awful crimes against its own people, and it will be left up to the very same people who want to sign a deal to decide if they are the bad guys? Its ridiculous as we know the Government will set the bar low…….

What will this Government do when Communist Chinese Party turns its gaze back to Taiwan. Would the Government be so willing to sign a trade deal then knowing that the safety, freedoms and security of Taiwan are at risk? After all it is doing nothing except some light hearted rebuke of the clampdown of freedoms in Hong Kong. so what will they do when people who are marching for freedom start to disappear in the camps? Will the Prime Minister then say that this is dreadful and that no country can countenance doing a deal with the Chinese Communist Party whilst signing deals behind our back?

Is the Prime Minister and Government Ministers really saying that those poor Uighur Chinese Muslims are not worth fighting for? Will this Government still back the Iran Nuclear Deal still when Iran tries to take Israel off the map. After all if you are happy to sign a deal with one genocidal maniac….what’s the difference of doing deals with another one? After all trade is trade according to this Government.

I know that the aim of Brexit was to take back control of who we do deals with but Government Ministers are bedazzled by trade deals and the fawning that comes with it, after all they seem to end up with jobs working for these companies and countries, and I for one advocate letting the Courts deal with this. After all, they will be upholding UK laws so what is the Government nervous of? If a learned Judge says that a country is a committing genocide then the law has to be upheld. After all, wasn’t the Nuremburg trials all about holding those who commit genocide to account? We trusted Judges then to do the right thing and we should trust them now as surely this is what the last 4 years has been about…..control. How can it be control when this Government cannot be trusted to sign a deal with a country that meets the standard of decency.

For once I agree with the Lords and it should have been amended. Sir Ian Duncan Smith was right in championing this and to try and force the Government to stop signing trade deals with Governments around the world who murder their own with no fear of reprisal. I am only sorry it did not pass and shame on those MPs who voted for it….including my own.

Boris Johnson narrowly avoided being defeated after a Tory revolt
Sir Ian Duncan Smith putting the right of people before that of Genocidal Governments.

I have decided that I will be standing down from my selection as a local councillor as this is a subject very dear to me, and I will be resigning from the Conservative Party. I cannot in all honesty put my ambitions of running for the council ahead of that of the fate of these poor people as I have been writing about their fate for over a year now, and to find that the very people I voted for have so easily dismissed their fate and the fate of others who could end up the same is something that does not fit well with me.

What would the Trade Bill amendment do? 

The Lords passed a series of amendments to the Trade Bill, but the genocide amendment is by far the most threatening for the government. It would force the government to withdraw from any free trade agreement with countries that the High Court ruled was committing the highest grade of human rights abuses. The measure is clearly aimed at China, with politicians across parties condemning the abuse of the Uighur Muslim minority.   Supporters say the provision would send a ‘powerful’ message that the UK will not tolerate abuses anywhere in the world. However, the government points out that there is no trade deal with China currently – and little prospect of one happening any time soon. (HOWEVER AND THIS IS MY COMMENT……ONE WILL COME AS THE GOVERNMENT WILL WANT ONE)…. It fears the amendment would lead to vexatious court claims, and could prove counterproductive as the threshold to prove genocide is high. Ministers also argue that politicians, rather than unelected judges, should get the final say on whether to do business with foreign states. (www.dailymail.co.uk)

But Sir Iain, the former Tory leader, urged MPs to support the amendment, telling the Commons: ‘This is not anti-China but it is anti-genocide and we need now to stand tall. ‘We left the European Union because we didn’t want to accept judgments from a court that we say we didn’t have power over. 

‘But we didn’t come away because we disliked our courts. I think we have the best courts in the world, and I think they can make this judgment. ‘And my question, therefore, is what is it about? Why are we leaving? Why did we leave? ‘And the answer is so that we would stand tall and have a global vision about the morality of what we do. ‘I simply say to my colleagues and to the frontbench, tonight is more than just pettifogging, tonight is all about simply shining a light of hope to all those out there who have failed to get their day in court and failed to be treated properly.

If this country doesn’t stand up for that then I want to know what would it ever stand up for again? I urge my colleagues to vote to keep the amendment that is from the Lords in this Bill.’

Sadly I have come to the conclusion that there seems to be very little in this country becoming the shining beacon of democracy, human rights and morals because of this vote. It was wrong and it gives the wrong signal to the very worst of people.

So that is me out and I think the more I find out about political parties the less I like them……..